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Thread: Curt Schilling's defunct company leaving Rhode Island finances in trouble

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2® View Post
    Look at a map. RI is not between CT and Mass. You must have gone to public school.
    NO...sg3 can actually read at grade level.

    FUKK schilling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetPotato View Post
    Really? If you travel on the coast, as he referred to, what's south of MA and north of CT? What states would it be between according to your map?
    The Dunkin Donuts novelty map is not 100% geographically accurate. For instance, there is not really a giant Custard Island inhabited by Sprinkle Fairies off the coast of Nantucket. Cut the tubbo some slack.

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    Who's a worse businessman? Curt Schilling or George W. Bush?


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