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Thread: Rate My Fantasy Team - Another Money League Draft

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    Rate My Fantasy Team - Another Money League Draft

    Always the obsessed Fantasy Football enthusiast I like to have 5-6 leagues to participate in each year. These results are from a Yahoo Pro league I joined. Pro leagues are money leagues set up and administered by yahoo. The other teams are randomly put in there. I don't personally know any of them. The format is very basic. 10 Team Non PPR with no flex spot. 1QB, 2RB's, 3WR's, K and D

    Last season I was in 6 different pro leagues and finished in the money in two of them. Not great. In this draft I was following the outline of waiting on the QB and TE positions. Key to it was loading up on top line talent at RB and WR.

    My draft position was 10. Being in the 10 hole meant I would be grabbing two picks in a row throughout the draft.

    Round 1 Pick 10 - Ray Rice
    Rd 2 Pick 1 -Dez Bryant - I wanted to come out of the first two picks with a top line RB and WR. Megatron went in the 9 hole. I was PISSED. I took Dez over A.J. Green here for the WR spot. It was a tossup but in the end I have more confidence in Romo then Dalton. Ar RB With Spiller and Shady and Morris off the board I had to chose between Rice and T. Rich. I felt that Rice was less of an injury risk here though I'm generally not in love with Rice this season.

    Round 3 Pick 10 - Stevan Ridley
    Round 4 Pick 1 - Percy Harvin

    After what seemed like an eternity it was finally my turn to pick again. Ridley was a complete steal at the end of round 3. Notable reaches for guys like Demarco Murray and Peyton Manning had gone in the previous few picks.

    Next, with my starting RB positions filled I moved on to WR and took the next best guy on the board in Harvin. I like his potential in Seattle with Wilson taking the next step. This was a tough decision though. I took him over some notable WR's still available at that time - Marques Colston (toss up), Vincent Jackson (too inconsistent) Wes Welker (too many weapons for PM) Andre Johnson (old, injury risk).

    Rd 5 pick 10 Reggie Bush
    Rd 6 Pick 1 Hakeem Nicks

    After another long wait in which TE's and some QB's began flying off the board my 5th round pick was up. In a strange twist there was some great value on the board. I considered Cam Newton who was still available at this point for no good reason (Stafford, Manning, Brady all off the board already) I considered Vernon Davis as well. Still you can never have enough RB depth. I love Reggie Bush in the Lions offense this season. I grabbed him and Nicks with the two picks. I consider both great values in the 6th round. Next best WR's on the board were Jordy Nelson, Steve Smith and Antonio Brown. I preferred a Healthy Nicks over those guys.

    Rd 7 Pick 10 Andy Luck
    RD 8 Pick 1 Torrey Smith

    So it was a 10 team league and all of the QB's I coveted were gone except Luck. This was a no brainer. Also added Smith as insurance for the oft injured Nicks. Guys like Tavon Austin and Greg Jennings were also available here.

    At this point I have 3 RB's and 4WR's and a QB on the squad. Still need a TE, D and more depth.

    Rd 9 pick 10 Shane Vereen - This is an absolute steal in rd 9. By August Vereen will be going in the 5th round or better IMO

    Rd 10 Pick 1 Greg Olsen TE - Finally grab the best available TE. Olsen is in that 3rd tier of TE's just behind guys like Davis and Pitta. Good enough for me in the 10th round.

    Rd 11 Pick 10 Eli Manning - I have Manning rated just behind Romo. Not a bad spot for a backup QB

    Rd 12 Pick 1 AZ Defense This league actually had a run on Defenses earlier then I had expected. I jumped in on the action with AZ in the 12th. Figured with the depth I had a solid D was worth grabbing. Feeling a bit MEH about it though. In hindsight maybe a Jermichael Finley could have worked better here.

    RD 13 Pick 10 Fred Davis TE - Davis has upside in an RG3 led offense if he can stay on the field. He is one of my sleepers at TE this season.
    Rd 14 Pick 1 Lamichael James RB SF - If Gore gets injured James could become a solid RB 2 this season.

    Rd 15 Pick 10 - RB Bernard Pierce - Handcuff for Rice here. With the last pick in the draft I figured why not.

    I didn't end up drafting a kicker at all. I figure I'll wait until the preseason is over then consider who to drop for the K. In the end I'm happy with the squad. I could have used some more WR depth but the RB depth is solid and I should have some ammo for trades if necessary.

    Final team:

    QB Luck
    RB1 Rice
    RB2 Ridley
    WR 1 Dez Bryant
    WR 2 Harvin
    WR 3 Nicks
    TE Olsen
    D AZ

    R. Bush RB
    T. Smith WR
    S. Vereen RB
    E. Manning QB
    F Davis TE
    L James RB
    B Pierce RB


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    I give it a blue.

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    Good for a ten team league. I think I might start Reggie Bush over either of the Pats RBs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Good for a ten team league. I think I might start Reggie Bush over either of the Pats RBs though.
    Well the Harvin pick isn't looking as good at the moment but thats what happens when you draft before the preseason games. If this was a PPR league I might consider Bush over Ridley but this one uses standard scoring. I will still change them up based on matchups though. I may also use one as a trade chip down the road. I think Vereen becomes a solid RB2 this season so I feel like I have 4 guys on the roster that can start at RB if necessary.


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