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Thread: Sanchez drunkedly dancing shirtless w/ hot broads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flgreen View Post

    LOL Are you kidding me?

    I guess he and Namath are going to do a tour promoting responsible behavior.
    at least the drunk was a great NFL QB whereas the drug addict is a complete failure at everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    at least the drunk was a great NFL QB whereas the drug addict is a complete failure at everything
    Thought the same thing. Oh thank you Erik Ainge, you are such a pillar of smart, mature behavior.

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    Listen Ainge dealt with his demons and I am certainly not here to make excuses for him. Yet, those demons cost him his NFL career, so who better to discuss making poor choices then him. An being a guy with personal experience of hanging out with Mark only reinforcers what he has said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    As a guy who enjoys abusing my liver with copious amounts of alcohol, I don't buy that for one second. Someone has their iPhone pointed right at you - following you - while you're acting crazy and you don't get that you're being filmed? Yeah, sorry, but no. Myself and Mark are in similar age ranges and so he's fully immersed in the electronic culture just as I am, and I don't buy for a second that he didn't see quite obviously that he was being recorded. He's not some 80 year old guy who's terrified of the World Wide Web. He understands exactly what he was doing and he let it happen anyway.
    Its a pretty bold assumption on your part to think you can speak intelligently about what someone else knew when you were not there.

    Alcohol can make some people pretty incoherent no matter what your age is. Being immersed in the electronic - or more appropriately - the technological culture that we live in today, has absolutely no bearing on someone's awareness when they are sh!t-faced drunk.

    I am not saying that is definitively the case, but, I don't see how you can summarily dismiss the possibility when you weren't physically there.

    About the only thing we can say for certain by watching that video is it was pretty clear that Suckchez had way too much to drink.
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