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Thread: "Conflict" Minerals.....why is that OUR Problem?

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    "Conflict" Minerals.....why is that OUR Problem?

    Similar to "conflict diamonds".

    My question is this.....if what is being done int he Congo is so evil as all this (and it is), why is the only seeming response to boycott their minerals, and not, I don't know, get the U.N. deeply involved to go in and stop the very abuses that are being decried?

    It's almost as if teh Nation States are like "we don;t care enough to get involved....but we care enough to demonize anyone who would buy a product from there".

    Seems backwards to me. The Nation states should be the ones getting involved, not individuals and companies, in correctly gross human rights violations in an international globalized world.

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    quick! someone alert Jim Carrey to this!

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    Nintendo's main responsibility as a global business, is to make profits for its shareholders. If using the materials from the Congo are the best way to keep costs down and maximize profits, that's all that should matter to them.

    As a consumer, quite frankly, if they make the best product for the money available, that's all I'm concerned with. Not where the raw materials came from.

    Its nice to be a "socially responsible" company, whatever that really means, but isn't one of the purposes of the U.N. to do exactly what you noted, to go in and address the root of this issue, i.e. stopping the slavery and rapes?

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