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Thread: The "Patriot" Way..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReincarnatedBob View Post
    Talk about missing the point.

    I never said he personally gave $100m to charity.

    I only brought up his charitable foundation because SG3 has been calling his charity a sham. A claim he should be ashamed of perpetrating continuously.

    Show me where I use cancer to defend myself. I didn't. So who's really the a$$hole here?
    His philanthropy exceeds over $100 MILLION dollars
    Says he, his philanthropy. Not a foundation created with his name on it, with the Patriots on it. Clearly makes you the A$$HOLE.

    You clearly used a kid and their cancer care to defend Kraft. Wake up already. You don't even know what you type Vinny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReincarnatedBob View Post
    I have a niece who is a child cancer survivor who is in remission in large part to the work at Dana- Farber where the Kraft family has built a blood center. His philanthropy exceeds over $100 MILLION dollars and as much as you can talk shlt about football, to denigrate the charitable contribUtions from someone who has helped saved cancer victims is about as low as you can go. Maybe you wouldn't be such an a$$hole if you or your loved ones were struck down with the horrible disease.
    He is not a philanthropist. He gives to charity. and that is well and good.. Just about every NFL owner does... I know also that it has something to do for the image of the NFL since they all make money hand over fist.. It is P.R. and they get a tax credit which is fine as well...

    But some other Boston favorites like George Steinbrenner, Rush Limbaugh, and Dick Cheney were and are some of the most charitable people that ever existed.. I am sure you love them for it..


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