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Thread: Arrests per team since 2000, shocker!

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    friggin Jets can't win in any stat category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    Rex running his mouth?

    Yes. Our head coach should say stuff like "We are going to suck this year. We won't win shut. Don't bother buying tickets, just stay home"...

    F*cking idiots.
    Don't get me wrong here, I believe Rex will be the coach to get us over the hump and win another championship for the Jets.
    Yet, even I believe that Rex must reduce his bravado and think about everything he is going to say before it passes his lips. The man loves his players and lives for the game which is great. As he is learning now,there is more to being a head coach and that goes double in a media town like NY.
    He must treat the media as the enemy and I hate to say it, he could learn a thing or two along these lines from Belicheck.
    I am not saying I want Rex to be someone other then who he is, just more controlled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    DD feels it's his job to defend other teams and crap on the jets whenever possible.. Somehow he thinks this makes him a better objective fan.
    He's been rooting from the Kotite years. And he's a SOJF? He has no clue what pain is yet he moans and groans about all things here. The roster, the GM, the owner, the H|C and his coaching staff, the QB, the draft, the goes on and on.

    He's so objective, wish he could take that same approach with the Pats.


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