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    There looks like there is hope for Egypt after all. The military is going to clean house. Hey US government stay the hell out of it last stay out of Syria.

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    We are sending Morsi support as we speak. Tear gas and riot gear. Not to mention the fighter jets we already gave him.

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    Just another brutally murderous day in the world of brutally violent, savage, backward Islam.

    Egypt crisis: at least 29 killed as Muslim Brotherhood clash with ousted Mohammed Morsi's enemies

    Egypt faced a descent into chaos as violent clashes broke out across the country leaving 29 dead and dozens more injured.

    By Richard Spencer, Magdy Samaan and Robert Tait in Cairo9:08PM BST 05 Jul 2013

    Running battles between those supporting the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi and those demanding his reinstatement were most intense in Cairo where tens of thousands took to the streets. The two sides briefly fought for control of the northern entrances to Tahrir Square.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s leader Mohammed Badie addressed a mass rally in the Egyptian capital and called for troops to defy their generals and restore Mr Morsi to power. He is believed to be under arrest.

    Mr Badie, who denied reports that he himself had been placed under arrest, said the national leaders who announced the new government on Wednesday night did not represent their followers.

    He singled out the Grand Iman of Al-Azhar University and the Pope of the Coptic Christian church, a provocative move in light of the country’s rising sectarian tensions.

    “Millions will remain in the squares until we carry our elected president, Mohamed Morsi, on our shoulders,” he told a cheering crowd. “We are his soldiers and we defend him with our lives.” He said he would not be deterred “by threats or detentions, or the gallows”. He urged soldiers to obey their supreme commander – President Morsi – rather than the defence minister, Gen Abdulfattah al-Sisi.

    One of the most dramatic incidents of the day took place in front of the Republican Guard headquarters, near the main Brotherhood encampment at Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque. Mr Morsi is thought to have been working there when he was detained, and it has become a focus of Brotherhood protests.

    Marchers came up to the barbed wire barriers in defiance of orders not to do so, and were fired on when they repeatedly tried to place a poster of Mr Morsi on them.

    Elsewhere, 12 people were killed in clashes in the city of Alexandria.

    30 killed in school attack in northeast Nigeria
    July 6, 2013

    POTISKUM, Nigeria (AP) — Islamic extremists have killed 29 students and one teacher in an attack on a boarding school in northeast Nigeria.

    Survivors being treated for burn and gunshots wounds say some students were burned alive in the attack before dawn Saturday on Government Secondary School in Mamudo town in Yobe state.

    As he wept over the bodies of his two boys, farmer Malam Abdullahi swore he would withdraw three remaining sons from a nearby school.

    He complained there was no protection for students despite the deployment of thousands of troops since the government declared a state of emergency mid-May in three northeastern states.

    Dozens of schools have been torched and unknown scores of students killed among more than 1,600 victims slain by extremists since 2010.

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