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Thread: Mike Holmgren believes Mark Sanchez will have “fine year” for Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRONX JET View Post
    Saying Sanchez had no part in those big wins is over the top, period. He sucked last year, everyone knows that. The rest of the offense sucked too. Going into the season everyone knew it was gonna suck. Remember?

    Also the Jets did not have an elite defense in 2009 and 10. It was very good, not elite. Manning torched the 09 defense when it mattered.
    Now, now, we'll have none of that here.

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    Gotta LUV NUGGETS for the NEEDIE JET FANS!!! Hope Sooo /SanChez!

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    He must have been the one telling people Sanchez was worth drafting in the 1st. Mechanics you have to be friggen kidding me here. What good is mechanics when you have no arm, accuracy, or skills really of any kind.

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    You guys obviously know more about NFL Quarterbacks than Mike Holmgren, the guy who taught Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck and Mark Brunell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Mike Holmgren, the guy who taught Mark Brunell.
    As long as he didn't give him investing advice too!


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