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Thread: Obama Administration to Delay Health Law Requirement Until 2015

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    First, can you post a link showing where this has been confirmed? I do not doubt that you read it somewhere but I would like to read the article, and see who the source(s) is/are before commenting.
    No, I can't post a link. I can only pass along the verbal reporting of the various major media networks throughout the day yesterday, where each in tunr covered it in some form and de facto confirmed it.

    I believe Tater provided a link that also confirms it earlier.

    A quick search found this (Fox, relaying Routers reporting, so please save the Anti-FOXNews ranting, if you please):

    The Department of Health and Human Services quietly announced Friday it was tweaking the rules requiring those seeking federal aid for insurance coverage to prove they actually need the help.

    Under the law, those seeking subsidies are supposed to have incomes no higher than 400 percent of the federal poverty line. Further, they can't have access to affordable insurance through their jobs.

    The administration looked to the newly created "exchanges" -- a blend of federal- and-state run insurance marketplaces -- to verify those facts. Originally, the administration wanted to launch random checks to verify whether applicants got insurance through their jobs, and to individually verify everyone's income level.

    But Reuters reports that the new rules released on Friday will give 16 states -- as well as the District of Columbia -- a pass for now on the employer-insurance verification. For those states, which are launching their own exchanges, the federal government will give them until 2015 to start random checks. The exchanges themselves launch at the beginning of 2014.

    Read more:
    I assume with this Reouters claim, you can go to the HHS Site and find the announcement yourself, eh?
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