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Thread: Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson

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    Quote Originally Posted by EM31 View Post
    Good thread. We have touched on this subject a few times before and there are certainly tremendously intriguing possibilities almost everywhere you look on the DL but just to repeat, the player who is under the radar right now and who may end up being a huge factor for us this year is Kenrick Ellis.

    The time to shine is right now Kenrick.

    More than a year removed from your troubles. No longer sitting behind respected veterans on the depth chart and now, in year three you have had time to assimilate what is going on around you. Time to stay healthy and kick some ass this year.
    Agreed. Ellis is the sleeper in this talented group that everyone is overlooking. If this guy stays healthy, he may be the breakout player that surprises everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    While I support Geno winning the job in camp if I was drafting in the 2nd rd I would have taken the Eastern Bloc Margus Hunt 6'8 277 and runs a 4.6 with what we already have that might have been insane.. I would have waited till next year to take a top line QB although getting Geno in the 2nd makes it hard to complain about..
    Margus Hunt was an interesting prospect and I liked him but....I think the fact that he is a bit of a project because of his limited experience and his age made me want us to stay away. Definite risk/reward pick.

    I hated the Geno pick and wanted nothing to do with him. I really wanted some other offensive weapon but we had little to know options.

    It is what it is now and I have to support Geno. Draft really didnt fall to us well with position of need but I do think we got great talent and value.


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