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Thread: REX in Spain..running with the bulls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post
    Give it a rest. Try running through the streets with them chasing you while tens of thousands of people yell things in Spanish.
    That's a Saturday night for FF2, except for the running part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    and an ignorant teacher for one who actually was a good poster at one time
    I really feel bad for you. You must have very low self esteem issues that you continue to take shots at me about my profession when I never respond in a personal attack towards you.

    Im not alone on this board, you irritate and take shots at many.

    What do you think happened to you?

    Did you have no friends growing up?

    Picked last at sports?

    Did a teacher yell at you in elementary school traumatizing you for life?

    I hope you get well soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastineau99 View Post
    I didn't make light of the question, I just pointed out that it was kinda dumb. The world becoming vegan will take years and years to happen. It starts with less demand for animal products, then less will be produced. Like I said, it wouldn't happen overnight, so your justification for eating animals in order to control their population is not a valid one. I'm sure you have plenty of other excuses though.
    So, what becomes of cows? Do we put them is Zoo's, make them pets... You act like the billions of cows will magically become just a few thousand by virtue of creeping veganism. That is more than kinda dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastineau99 View Post
    Because what you eat causes massive amounts of suffering.
    LOL, ... massive'd better throw out all of your apple and nike products. They actually contribute to human suffering!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastineau99 View Post
    Those are called Dog/Cat lovers, not animal lovers! LOL

    You can't contribute to the exploitation of many, and say you love them all.
    The chinese really love dogs and cats.

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