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Thread: Boo Hoo, Kraft feels duped

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    Also apparently Kraft owns a home in Bristol, CT as well.

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    Greeny is a huge a$$clown.

    Plays up his JETS fandom, but goes and blows Kraft while wearing a Pats jersey. At least doosher Bill SImmons stands behind all his teams while on tv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    Yesterday Kraft was walking on water according to those two idiots, taking 'accountability' for being duped. Did they change their tune today and think he coudn't have been duped after all? can't they get their stories straight
    They said something about. Just reported it, didn't go any further (iirc). It's weird, I thought Kraft was so super accountable and whatnot. The hell happened to that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishooked View Post

    Did he lose a bet?
    That would the ONLY F UCKING WAY that is permissible, although it is still reprehensible.

    F UCK
    Iirc, Kraft was a guest on the show and gave them merchandise. Even so, to actually put it on is a ****ing disgrace. But, we all know where his loyalties lie, anyway.


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