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Thread: Radio Host: Vandy FB Player “Allowed” Teammates To Rape His Girlfriend

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2® View Post
    I'm all for team building exercise but thats a bit much.

    Remember when we all just used to watch the actual games?

    Sports suck.
    "Abit much"?? Can u put me on ignore and I'll do the same please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastOffensive View Post
    Anyway i always hated those tools that (in the 70's-80s) wanted to turn every ****ing close-knit party into Plato's Retreat. What kind of fag behavior is that? "Please do my friends!"

    good lord
    90% of the posters on JI are far too young to have any idea what your reference to "Plato's Retreat" know that, right, Mr Caligula (sp)?


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    That's disgusting.
    So many women will even pay to have fun with 4 young studs - yet those idiots reserved to rape of an unwilling girl.
    If it is true, they go to a slummer for a long time. Pasterisks may not even have a chance to draft them.


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