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Thread: Should Geno attend Jets West?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike135 View Post
    This tells me Mark is almost definitely the starter and it's his job to lose.

    If I'm Geno and think I can out perform Mark, I jump at the chance to show-up Mark at his own camp. Plus have my teammates see it while getting in much needed practice with em. The only way I don't go is if I'm worried about teammates seeing that I'm not ready to compete. By being a no show, at least he can now just use one of the excuses some others have already listed for him.

    Btw I'm rooting for the qb that gives us the best chance. I think it's Mark, but if it's Geno, that's cool too.
    So geno not going to a camp run by Sanchez tells you the competition is over before the pads even get put on - good call.

    Like I said, I wish he was there from a team building perspective and to do the dinners, and just hang out. Plus I do think the film sessions together would also help, just so they can all talk, but the "loss of reps with his WRs" is really overblown.

    The camp is 3 total days, and considering Sanchez runs it, the "reps" would probably be 60-40 sanchez, so what are we talking about 50 passes total with these guys? I highly doubt that it matters.

    As for Geno being a "2nd round prospect" who isnt ready to start, we all lived with a team QB'd by a rookie who had 15 college starts and that team was 2 quarters from the Super Bowl. Now we have a QB who had 40+ college starts as a rookie, but he isnt ready to be the starter? How is that possible?

    There were rookies QBs (Dalton specifically as a 2nd rounder) who started week 1 after no minicamps and limited TC the year of the lockout. Geno had rookie minicamp, OTAs, minicamp and a full TC - he has more then enough time to be up to speed enough to start for us week 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamont_jordan_rules View Post

    Geno, do you want to take over this team? ... If yes, you show every player, coach, & fan that you will do anything you possibly can to get better ...
    Going to Mark Sacnchez's Failcamp will not help Geno get better.

    As such, there is no material reason for him to attend.

    He's also in direct competition with Sanchez at current. Till one of them wins, it's inappropriate for him to attend.

    So no, **** no, Geno should not attend.

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    Judging from Sanchez twitter it looks like Hill, Ivory, Spadola, Cumberland, Kerley and Jordan White are there. Including sanchez that is 7 of the reported 10 in attendance.

    He also referred to himself as sanchize in the tweet which is ridiculous

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamont_jordan_rules View Post

    Geno, do you want to take over this team? ... If yes, you show every player, coach, & fan that you will do anything you possibly can to get better ...

    ... I worry about if his ready to handle the emotional baggage of being THE GUY yet

    ... Staying home and sulking says to me (No ... He's not ready)

    ... Sucking it up and getting the most he can out of camp says (YES ... I am THE MAN!)
    Attend a qb camp run by mark Sanchez makes him better? Or worse? Lol.. If stays home I'm sure he will be preparing on his on, not out getting hammered with his arse of of his shorts with a bunch of young women..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Geno is like Clubber Lang from Rocky 3. Old school training. Eye of the tiger.

    Jets West is like Rocky's club med training he did. They'll be a little passing but mostly in and out burgers, hitting the clubs at night, women etc.

    "Pushin! Getting ready for the fight."
    Exactly..why not stay right here and work with the team? Going all the way to southern Cali is more about marky showing his buddies how cool SoCal is and how hot the girls are, his cool clubs, ect.. Ohh and they will throw the football around too

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    Would prefer he stay as far away as possible from Sanchez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    He needs the work with the receivers. You guys seem to think he's a blue-chip prospect, he's a 2nd round project, got drafted right where Kellen Clemens did.
    And Drew Brees....what's your point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Churchill View Post
    Going to Mark Sacnchez's Failcamp
    Hahahaha. Failcamp. Thats perfect.

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    I will agree to disagree with those that don't think it would have been better for Geno if he'd attended

    Is it a monumental misstep ? No ... But it is a misstep none-the-less

    Anyone who doesn't agree with the following statement makes no sense to me ... But to each their own ...

    Rookie qb takes advantage of any chance possible to get any reps in a new prostyle offense that he didn't run in college possible in hopes of improving timing any little tiny bit possible with his new/young WR's that he just met a couple weeks ago & will be throwing the ball to if he's the starter > not doing so
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    OH! hellzz to the NOO! what for? This Jet-west thing is nothing but a curse, a CURSE I tell ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike135 View Post
    Not sure how you say this. Last season he was throwing to scrubs. Not receivers he had spent time getting familiar with.

    The Sanchez haters gotta stop exaggerating things. Yes his last two years have been bad. Even with no oline 2 years ago and no receivers last year... as a pro, he should limit the damage. He didn't. So that's bad enough. I don't think he (or any other qb) could've done well either year, but it didn't have to be THAT bad.

    With that said, some haters make arguments suggesting Mark was given the tools/weapons to succeed.

    He was not. Plain and simple. Anyone arguing otherwise is nuts. Those receivers last year were an embarrassment. The O coordinator was a joke.

    If you're gonna argue against Sanchez, cool, have your opinion. But ya lose credibility when your argument assumes Mark (or any other QB) could have actually played well. Best case would've been limiting the damage a bit more.
    Listen, a more solid QB would have made many of the plays that simply slipped passed Mark. Yes, the talent level around Mark had dropped in the last two years. Yet, I could show you so many play where Mark missed wide open receivers.
    I will give you just one example, and it is a snapshot of Mark's play over the last 4 years.
    Do you remember the catch that JCo made over the middle, in which he had to stretch out so much to make the catch,he was nearly killed by the defender. Keep in mind JCo had to make that play with a bum hammy and he was wide open and if not for the contortion of the receiver the play never would have been made. This one play is a microcosm many of Mark's play over the years.
    I am not a hater, but almost fifty years of watching this game and team and all the QB's from Joe Wille to Mark, I think I know when it time to move on.
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    if it was any other starting qb in the nfl, other than the jaguars qb (he sucks so much i cant even remember his name) then i'd say he should go. but it's sanchez, the last qb who you want to learn from. stay home and learn from your qb coach or go take lessons somewhere else.

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    Any chance to get better will help a rookie. Period. Sanchez is getting a leg up on him, timing and camaraderie is everything. A huge mistake in my book. Hope he proves me wrong

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    the last thing we need is Geno spending time with Sanchez and learning from that idiot

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    Geno is the future, wast of time going to wat will be the last "Jets West". Geno is smart not to have any part of Sanchez and his flaky immaturity . The last thing Geno needs is to b in one of Sanchez's Kooky video's, right before TC starts.
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    I actually think Geno got some good advice. He's coming to take Mark's job!!! Mark invited Tebow cuz he didn't fear him and was basically showing him up even tho Tebow didn't know it. If i'm Geno I say "F Sanchez" "I'm taking your job son!!!". That's how i'd approach it. I don't have to be Mark's friend and I don't need to worry about timing with the WR's cuz i'll get a ton of reps when I take the job from you. It's really a very minor amount of time over 3 days to make any meaningful improvement on timing. I mean come on guys!!!

    Nothing Sanchez does is a good example for Geno IMO. What the hell is he gonna learn? How to throw interceptions on screens? How to drop your pants dancing with models? What has Mark done that shows he's a good example for a young QB? I'd advise any young QB to stay far away from Sanchez.

    Geno needs to work on his footwork and his mastery of the playbook. He already is a superior passer with accuracy and velocity that Mark doesn't have. Geno can already do things Mark can't do and all he needed to do is fix some technical things. No coach said anything about his ability to throw the ball on target!!!

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    I'm glad he is not going. He is not here to be Mark's buddy.

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    Gino should start Jets East! Oh we'll at least he should practice here, The Jets west show has no improved the qb position at all in the last 4 years under jets west, Jets west is a waste of time,

    Let's get back to he East coast, all year round thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Hahahaha. Failcamp. Thats perfect.
    Yeah, perfectly moronic and beyond shameless.

    Dumb and dumber
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    None of us know if Geno was invited, though, it is my guess he was.

    I have no problem with it, to me, Geno is sending his own message.

    But I also wouldn't doubt Sanchez wasn't overly forthcoming about any invite, he knows he's fighting for career, to be honest, I like how this sets up for both players.

    It will be a battle, and it should be.


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