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Thread: Worst Match Fixing Attempt Ever

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    Worst Match Fixing Attempt Ever

    Police Machine is an awesome name btw.

    Teams involved in crazy 79-0, 67-0 wins suspended

    ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -Plateau United Feeders and Police Machine figured they needed a big win in the final round at an amateur tournament to outdo the other and earn promotion to Nigeria's professional football leagues.

    Their wins were definitely big: 79-0 and 67-0.

    The results have sparked outrage, an indefinite suspension of the four clubs involved in the games, and an investigation into match-fixing by the Nigeria Football Federation.

    The NFF on Tuesday called the results from the tournament on Monday in the northeastern city of Bauchi "a mind-boggling show of shame.'' The scorelines were "scandalous,'' the NFF added.

    "The teams involved, their players and officials, match officials, (tournament) coordinator and anyone found to have played some role in this despicable matter would (will) be severely dealt with,'' NFF director of competitions Mohammed Sanusi said.

    Chasing a place in Nationwide League Division 3, Nigeria's lowest professional league, Plateau United Feeders reportedly scored 72 of their mountain of goals against Akurba FC in the second half. A rate of more than a goal a minute. In fact, a goal about every 40 seconds. Non-stop for 45 minutes.

    At the same time, Police Machine reportedly swept 61 goals past Babayaro FC in the second half after leading by a relatively modest 6-0 at halftime.

    Surely no team can be that good? Or that bad?

    In theory, Plateau United Feeders won promotion to the big leagues having scored 81 goals - in three games. Police Machine ultimately could manage only 69.

    Plateau and Police won their opening games 2-0, then drew 0-0 when they met in the second round, meaning goals would be the decisive factor for promotion to the big time if both won their final games.

    They got the goals they wanted, and a suspension and a match-fixing investigation.

    "This is a scandal of huge proportions,'' NFF vice president Mike Umeh said. "The four teams involved are suspended immediately and indefinitely, pending further sanctions. We will investigate this matter thoroughly and get to the bottom of it.''

    One comment on Twitter maybe summed it all up: "What sport is this?'' someone called "Tip'' asked.

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    Believable only if Sanchez plays for Babayaro FC, it was the Nigerian equivalent of Thanksgiving, and multiple butt fumbles were involved.

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    I'm willing to bet the house one of those involved is Fenerbahce's Nigerian farm team

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    oh, and here i thought you guys were talking about this:

    Report: Belize approached to fix game

    Members from the Belize men's national team were approached to throw their CONCACAF Gold Cup group match opener against the United States on Tuesday, this according to a transcript from 7 News Belize.

    Players Andres Makin Jr., Ian Gaynair and Woodrow West reportedly were approached by a man in Guatemala, where the man attempted to befriend and coerce the players to fix their match against the United States in Portland on Tuesday night. The U.S. defeated Belize 6-1.

    "He started talking that we don’t really stand a chance to beat the U.S. so he wanted us to promise him that we would lose the game and that he would give us a large amount of money to change our lives in Belize and to help our families," Belize international Gaynair told 7 News Belize.

    "Then as he said that my entire features changed and I just felt a different way, I felt really uncomfortable just to be around the guy because I was already aware about the ‘match-fixing’ and I know that I could get banned for life."

    Gaynair added: "He saw that my features changed and he saw that we weren’t into it so he got frightened and took out a large amount of money to bribe us, a lot of hundred and fifty dollar bills and threw it at us on the table and told us to keep it and to not say anything and to keep the money."

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    Is a Nigerian goal worth 33.5 points perchance?


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