[QUOTE=Jungle Shift Jet;4928725]most ironic thing, or expected thing if you are a miserable puke of a SOJF,
the weather as you said was terrible, then just as Hall went to kick the FG the sun came out
an' it probably f'ed him up -instead of being a metaphor for good vibes it was a real downer[/QUOTE

The Ravens game in 1997 was a sloppy one also. It poured most of the game. I remember Testerverde threw a last minute TD to tie the game. Keyshawn caught a ball in OT over the middle and got tagges still don't know how he held on to it. Chrebt slapped him in the a$$ when he got up.

The in OT Hall lined up for game winner and the sun came out - crowd that was let was chanting 1ts place, 1st place Hall hit it and radio guy said for the first time since 1986 the NY Jets have sole possession of 1st place in the AFC East.