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Thread: The NY Jets are the 14th most valuable sports franchise in the world

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    The NY Jets are the 14th most valuable sports franchise in the world

    $1.284 Billion

    That's a lot of money for a circus!

    There are countless ways to point out the popularity gap between the NFL and every other American sport.

    Here's another: On Forbes' list of most valuable sports franchises around the world, 12 of the top 20 spots are held by NFL teams. And of the eight non-NFL franchises, five are international soccer clubs. Major League Baseball had three teams on the list (New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers), and no other non-NFL team made the list.

    So NFL teams from Baltimore, Green Bay and Indianapolis are more valuable than any other franchise in American sports, other than those three baseball teams.
    Not that anyone was really arguing the NFL's dominance in the sporting scene anymore, but wow.

    The Dallas Cowboys were the top NFL team on the list, valued at $2.1 billion. That's no surprise given their widespread popularity and the most opulent stadium in sports. The Yankees were tops among American sports teams, at No. 4. The top three spots were held by soccer clubs Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona.

    Here are the NFL teams that were in the top 20, and where they landed in Forbes' countdown:
    5. Dallas Cowboys $2.1 billion
    6. New England Patriots, $1.635 billion
    8. Washington Redskins, $1.6 billion
    9. New York Giants, $1.468 billion
    13. Houston Texans, $1.305 billion
    14. New York Jets, $1.284 billion
    15. Philadelphia Eagles, $1.26 billion
    16. Chicago Bears, $1.19 billion
    17. San Francisco 49ers, $1.175 billion
    18. Green Bay Packers, $1.161 billion
    19. Baltimore Ravens, $1.157 billion
    20. Indianapolis Colts, $1.154 billion

    A few quick thoughts:
    Say whatever you want about Jerry Jones and his football acumen, but include this: He is an incredible businessman.
    Was anyone else surprised that the Texans were that high? Huge fan base, great facilities, but still seemed surprising they were ranked fifth among NFL teams (and 13th in the world).
    The 49ers' value will rise tremendously with a new stadium. Every other team on this list has either a fairly new and wonderful stadium or one that has had extensive renovations. Levi's Stadium is set to open before the 2014 season.
    The Packers continue to be one of the most miraculous success stories in American business. If you've ever been to Green Bay, you fully understand that last sentence. It's a small town in a mostly rural area that happens to have a billion-dollar sports franchise settled in the middle of an otherwise regular Midwest neighborhood. (And if you're a serious NFL fan and haven't been to Lambeau Field, it should be on your bucket list.)

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    Pretty good. Although I wonder how much Woody owes on the stadium. Same for the Mara's and Johnson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Pretty good. Although I wonder how much Woody owes on the stadium. Same for the Mara's and Johnson.
    the stadium cost 1.6 billion

    The Jets half of that total is 800K

    stories at the time said they financed about 600K of that total

    1.2 billion>>greater than 600K and that would assume that none of the principal has been paid off on this debt. I'd say that this would only be a problem when a NY Metro Area NFL franchise is losing money which I think we can all agree has the same probability of me growing wings and flying to the moon and back

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post
    $1.284 Billion

    That's a lot of money for a circus!
    We have the GREATEST circus on Earth!!!

    I hope this squad, particularly the O-Line and D-line(especially) are getting primed to absolutely PUNISH the nonbelievers!

    Not saying I expect it, but it IS possible. You KNOW they gotta be pissed!

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    This just tells you how fortunate the Pats were when they took a flyer on a skinny seemingly uncoordinated 6th rounder.
    Not only will he go down in history as one of the bet QBs ever, (personally I think he's better than Montana because the Niners were absolutely loaded on offense at every position & had an incredibly underrated defense with players like Haley, Lott, ect.)
    Sorry folks, even though I abhor everything Patriots, you give Tom Brady Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Brent Jones, Roger Craig, Jim Rathman, look out!
    Pats led the league in scoring with a lot less last year.

    Then on top of that he takes a lower salary to help the cap, unlike Brees who squeezed every last nickel out of the Saints which will land them in the 6-10 and 9-7 record range for the rest of his career unable to field a complete team.

    Brady is personally responsible for at least 600 million of that team worth!
    As soon as that team starts losing......crickets.....chirp...chirp....front running fans & it will be proved over the next decade.


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