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Thread: Making the Leap: Chris Ivory of the NY Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsNeedNewton View Post
    "he looked unnatural in the passing game"

    What exactly does that mean? He ran routes like a zombie? What?
    He has less then 10 career receptions so I guess thats where it comes from.
    Probably a legitimate concern that he will need to prove.

    As for the durability, I think a lot of it was overblown and a reason for him to be inactive. But thats also something he will have to prove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    fragile.... IR by game 6.
    Damn! For a second I thought you said "Solitary COnfinement".

    nervous moment there...could you imagine?

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    [QUOTE=ARodFLKeysJetsFan;4928940]Whatever happened to copy & paste? That link suckz dude, don't be so lazy next time

    I'm glad you like it


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