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Thread: Why Jets will have a good year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    LOL, I love delusional Sanchez haters

    No, Smith doesn't need to start out of the game, that is absolutely moronic.

    Smith needs to EARN the job to start out of the gate, either QB needs to earn the job. Period!
    How are "Sanchez haters" delusional when he's absolutely done nothing the past 3 years to prove he's worthy of the optimism your painting for him this year?

    It's more "delusional" to think that he's going to become a serviceable NFL QB this year.

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    Its that time of year. Hope springs eternal. Fan's cant be objective but that's all part of the process.

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    Great defense, but the 3 and outs will hurt that unit. I hope Sancheese take his head out of someone's butt and find his receivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    Look a the stats of for the last four years of points allowed per game. They have gone up from the first year, for three years straight.
    True but our running game has been ineffective and ball control has gone down because of that. We didnt stop the run well or run the ball well last year. It put way to much preassure on our QB's and they didnt respond well at all. Preseaon will tell us fast if the DL can stop the run and the OL can make some space to run the ball we should have a much better team. Tannys fail came in not replacing Woody and B Moore ( he was stiff as a board out there and got noooooo noooo push all season see butt fumble and him getting lifted off the ground. yes he didnt run into his own ass thats true but maybe if he was going foward it might have helped maybe not). I would watch the line play and that should tell us what kind of season we will have.

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    If I'm playing the Jets as they are currently constituted, I game plan to stop the run. The pass, with this group is not something teams are going to worry about very much. You need a balanced attack to win in the NFL and even if the running game is there, without a passing game to go with it, the offense will not do too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by First DOWN! View Post
    How are "Sanchez haters" delusional when he's absolutely done nothing the past 3 years to prove he's worthy of the optimism your painting for him this year?

    It's more "delusional" to think that he's going to become a serviceable NFL QB this year.
    Please stop..... he was ranked 34th best QB in the league. He is better than EVERY QB except 33. Thats something no???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    If I'm playing the Jets as they are currently constituted, I game plan to stop the run. The pass, with this group is not something teams are going to worry about very much. You need a balanced attack to win in the NFL and even if the running game is there, without a passing game to go with it, the offense will not do too much.
    Yeah, but this year at least there is SOMETHING you're looking to stop.
    Last year we were not a threat on any aspect of the offense.

    I'm hoping that with more beef on the O-Line to provide time,
    and a qualified O-coordinator calling plays for the first time in years,
    that our QB, ABS*, will be able make enough throws so that we're not
    entirely a one-trick-pony offense.

    *ABS = Anyone but Sanchez.

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    The Jets are no better than a 5 win team. I'm sorry, as much as it pains me to say, that is the way I see it. I just choose to state things the way I believe they are and I will not sugar coat it:

    1) This will the worst defense since Rex came to town.

    2) The QB situation is at best horrible. With a young Smith and a chicken fried Sanchez, I liken that trio to the likes of Bubby Brister and Babe Laufenberg.

    3) The WR's just purely suck. Kerley is a good receiver, no doubt, but the rest are either too injured or just cannot catch the ball. Braylon would help that situation but the Jets are too stupid to see the value in that signing.

    4) ST is an enormous question mark that no one is even talking about. It's like every Kool-Aid drinking Jets fan here is simply willing to pass it off as though they still have Mike Westoff. Far from it. It will be very interesting to see how well they perform this season. My feeling is they will be better, but that won't be saying much considering how bad they were just last season.

    5) What do you expect from a rebuilding team? Name the rebuilding teams that made as many wholesale changes as the Jets did just this last offseason and still fared well in the season? I'm sure the number of failures will vastly outweigh the successes without even researching it.

    I'm looking forward to what this team looks like in 2014. If this turns out best case scenario, the team could turn the corner sometime in 2014. Idzik is a good GM and Rex is still a good HC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Green View Post
    So bored out of my mind on a guard detail tonight, till 5:30am, I began to ponder about the Jets and their up coming season. This is my take on why the Jets will have a good season and possibly push for an up coming playoff spot. These are in no particular order by the way.

    1.) When the Jets are thought to be a bottom of the barrel team they always seem to prove everybody wrong. This is almost like our teams calling card. We are the greatest threat to the league when no one believes in us or gives us a chance.

    2.) Idzik brings a calm stability to our front office that we have not seen in years. The guy is here to take care of buisness and is nothing more. He brings a great and well needed attitude to the Jets. He also did a fantastic job this offseason through free agency to the Revis situation to the NFL Draft. I know it takes 3 years to find out if a draft was a great draft or a bust but, all I know is from a college talent pool stand point he grabbed some great players.

    3.) Our running game appears to have its wheels back on track. With a revamped Oline and a stable of fresh young running backs with game breaking speed. If you are not excited about this running game nothing will ever get you excited, in more ways then one .

    4.) Our skill postion players are not nearly as bad as people say they are. We have really good youth and speed at the position. With Hill having another year on his belt, Kerley being a pretty darn good slot reciever, and if Holmes can come back to full strength I think that is a pretty deck trio. Also if reports are true about the BEARD then that would only make our recieving core that much better. At tight end I believe we are solid enough to get by.

    5.) Our QB situation is only going to make our future QB, Mr.Smith, that much better although I believe Sanchez will start out the gate. I firmly believe Smith will be our starter by game 4. Our first few games might be rough with Sanchez at the helm but after that we will see what a bright young star we have in Smith. I know what your thinking but, but, but, Dr.Green, Smith fell to the 2nd round so he is not a good QB. Well I do not claim to be an expert on Smith however, I have seen enough game tape of him at WVU to know the kid has it all. Mobile, good arm, smart, accurate, and maybe the most important of all he has a chip on his shoulders. If you don't think he wants to prove everyone wrong who passed up on him you have another thing coming. I will be very excited when we see smith under center.

    6.) Our schedule does not look near as tough as it did when New England was healthy and killer free.

    Tampa Bay (Toss up game)
    @New England (Toss up game)
    Buffalo (Advantage Jets)
    @Tennessee (Advantage Jets)
    @Atlanta (Advantage them)
    Pittsburgh (Toss up game)
    New England (Toss up game)
    @Cincinnati (Advantage them)
    New Orleans (Advantage them)
    @Buffalo (Advantage Jets)
    @Baltimore (Advantage them)
    Miami (Toss up game)
    Oakland (Advantage Jets)
    @Carolina (Advantage Jets)
    Cleveland (Advantage Jets)
    @Miami (Toss up game)

    7.) Our defense is what I really expect to be dominate. Our speed and youth has improved ten folds. Our Dline looks like something from a horror movie, all of them are Frankensteins with the mad scientist (Rex) putting them in great postions to cause havoc. Our linebackers are the fastest its been since God knows when. With another year under Davis's belt, a offseason for Hitman Harris to get healthy, addition of Barnes, and the fact that Coples will be doing some outside linebacker work is going to give the opponent nightmares. Although our safety postions are not as hard hitting as they once were last year, they will make up for it in coverage. Plus I always have liked Landry's play although not as physical as his brother he can still pack a punch and is much better in coverage. The corners are going to be good again next year I have faith in all of them except Wilson on the outside lol However in all seriousness our Cbs are a non issue and should be a top 5 unit even with out Revis.

    8.) I believe this is the season Rex puts it all together and proves he is a head coach and will be for a long time. Im the first one to admitt sometimes he just needs to shut up and also needs to pay attention to the offense more. This year I think he learns from his mistakes and brings our offense back to respectability and fields a great defense. With the addition of Marty, Rex is complete.

    I can honestly tell you I believe the Jets will finish no worse then 9-7 and be in the thick of the action when it comes to the AFC East crown.
    Wishful thinking with you putting advantage Jets in ANY road game especially when you think Geno will be starting by week 4. If Geno is starting exactly when you suggest then EVERY single game after that is a toss up game. Rookies are super unpredictable against great teams and bad teams you just never know.

    As for our running game; I'm pretty sure defenses won't react to facing us week to week the way they do towards Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson. Not to mention Marty is a pass first QB. I like the fact that our flash runners that can break one will get some carries but McKnight and Goodson aren't durable at all. McKnight hurt his angle on the 1 run be broke last year. Receiving out of the backfield I think Goodson and McKnight will help out the O but I'm going to save my excitement for actual carries until gametime especially if our QB's aren't playing very effective. I feel comfortable saying this team is as unpredictable as any Jets team we've had since Sanchez was a rookie. This team can either shock and amaze us or stink up the joint. The 2013 Jets will be the first Jets team in a while that desperately needs a QB to overachieve a great a deal. Whether that's Sanchez or Smith. I think Sanchez will bounce back but how much help he gets around him will determine a lot. Also injuries is key. If Stephen Hill's development is cut short againt cause he's hurt and we lose some key guys then chemistry is going to be an issue as well as impact players on the field. We have very few guys who are impact guys ... We need them out there.

    My prediction ... if we stay relatively healthy, the O Line has a strong year, and Sanchez actually starts playing well while his players make plays for him .. this team can go 10-6. I have all faith in Rex with the defense and I think for the first time in a while we'll have a good pass rush which will make Rex's schemes deadly.

    If we aren't too healthy, the O line has breakdowns, Sanchez & his supporting cast never develop a flow and don't click with Marty's offense right away ... I think we're easily a 6-7 win team and the Rex era ends like most NFL insiders predict for us this year.

    This thing can go either way. Lets just hope we catch some breaks this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by First DOWN! View Post
    How are "Sanchez haters" delusional when he's absolutely done nothing the past 3 years to prove he's worthy of the optimism your painting for him this year?

    It's more "delusional" to think that he's going to become a serviceable NFL QB this year.
    Nice job of completely missing my point.

    Reading comprehension escapes you.

    Nothing the past 3 years? He took the team to the AFCCG 3 years ago, under his best season in his 2nd season as a pro.

    The last two years have been documented and regurgitated to death, I'll hold out to see what he does to bounce back from last year and under a competent and quality offensive coordinator and an offensive system that fits his abilities, and a system he has had success in.

    Whoever wins the job, needs to earn it, both Sanchez and Smith, and any other QB.

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    I'm very up on the Jets chances to make the playoffs this year. Nothing is a lock, but I think with our coaches they can squeeze just enough out of this team to get into the playoffs.

    Biggest factors is the strength on the DL and OL. The Jets are stronger in the trenches this year. That's going to have an impact on everyone else. Our secondary will be more successful with the added pressure coming from the front 7. I think the media and some fans are totally underestimating this teams defense.

    The OL should be able to really move and create a ton of cutback lanes for Ivory and the rest of the backs. I think we'll see more big plays from the RB's this year and more creative ways of using them. That's gonna help the defense a ton. I don't believe the WR's are gonna be as bad as some are making them out to be. Especially if Marty can get one of these QB's to function at a high level.

    Now most important is the QB spot. I think Geno is going to beat out Sanchez. I think it's a very bad sign for Sanchez that with all his advantages that he still couldn't clearly beat out Geno. Let's remember that Mark contacted Jeff Garcia back in January to ask for tutoring in Marty's WCO. Jeff still had his playbook and formed a company to train QB's and Mark had those sessions. Mark also had access to Marty and the staff and the playbook for far longer than Geno who just got thrown into this right after the draft. Obviously Mark has the 4 yrs in the NFL and some familiarity with the WCO from College. All the way around Mark had every advantage and still Geno was nipping at his heels. All Geno needs is a little more time and reps to get more comfortable. I think he's gonna pass Mark in camp and pre season games. Geno is better in every category as a QB talent. I think it's gonna start to show from here on.

    I think this team can go 8-8 and with some luck might make it to 10-6 if everything breaks right. 9-7 is very possible for this team IMO. They were 6-10 with a horrid OC, Sanchez, No WR's, TE's and a horrid RB. I think with a younger and faster D and at least decent Offense, they can have a winning season.


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