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Thread: RIP Dennis Farina

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    wrong movie..................
    No S&^T

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    Just looked up his picture...the only thing I know him from is New Girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    Seems like just yesterday I was saying there's that guy thats in alot of things.


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    Dennis Farina was a Chicago cop for 18 years......

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    Remember fondly his threat to "get on a ******* plane and blow torch the both of you" and overall performance in Midnight Run, one of the 10 best comedies of all time, in my view.

    Not much else.


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    Quote Originally Posted by seinfeld9571 View Post
    Now go get your shine box
    You're thinking about Frank Vincent. They both look and sound alike Frank was just a wider version of Farina.

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    I'm picturing him having a conversation with Helen Thomas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    I'm picturing him having a conversation with Helen Thomas.

    That's why we love you


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