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Thread: Better Season: Cro or Revis?

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    Revis - he's playing for a contract.

    But I still think Cro will have a nice season for us anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetster View Post
    Revis is one of the greediest players to play in the NFL.
    2 hold outs. Wanting QB money. Of course the 1st player we get that is actually the best player at his position in the league, we can't even keep him,lol.
    Meanwhile up 95 north they have the best QB maybe ever signing below market deals to keep his team together.
    Cro at 6 mill or whatever he's getting is better than an ACL repaired Revis at 16 million because now we can afford a pass rush so Cro can jump some routes.

    Oh, and there is no way in hell that Revis chances playing unless he's at 110% without a guaranteed long term contract! No way!
    As Jet fans we can be very sure that is not happening. Just ask his uncle.
    the question wasn't who's a better value, its who will have a better season. anytime revis steps on the field, he's the best defensive player in the game.

    and of course revis is gonna play, stop being ridiculous. he will hold out 2 years from now for gauruntees but he's gotta go through a proving period

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    Someone said that Revis already has his big contract.....

    as if that means anything to Revis. He's plays for a new contract every year.

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    it's almost an unfair question.....cro was already the better athlete....revis is coming off a serious injury and more than likely will not play in week 1......cro is also now the leader of this defense and he is highly motivated...I say cro with much confidence.

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    Cro is probably the most physically gifted CB in the NFL, and now that he has his mind right and is stepping into the leadership role I have all the confidence in the world he will be a top 5 corner in the league.

    With that being said, Revis will come back from his ACL injury and be back to being the best corner in the game and the best since Prime Time. Revis will be ahead of Cro, but when you factor in contract and value, I'm more than happy with #31 in green and white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysd View Post
    I have been incredibly impressed with everything I have seen on Cro this offseason. He truly appears to be a guy that finally gets it, and now has the leadership and mental toughness to back up him incredible physical abilities which are better than Revis.

    He had a fantastic year last year and was amongst the Top 5 in CB play i not higher. I think with Revis gone, the defense is really his and he has stepped up. I expect a career year from him, and improvements from Wilson and the other CBs. Milliner can have an immediate impact.

    Revis on the other hand is coming off the ACL, and going to a defense where he will not play lockdown man to man coverage all the time. He will certainly be good, and likely still elite if healthy but I am not sure he will be better than Cro this year. I think he is going to be special.

    What are other people's thoughts?
    Revis is the better CB, I would think he'd have the better season. I wish the Jets got more for him in a deal, but I also think that $16M/season is too much, guarantees or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmans A Scientist View Post
    Revis is the better CB, I would think he'd have the better season. I wish the Jets got more for him in a deal, but I also think that $16M/season is too much, guarantees or not.
    Wouldn't argue against Revis being the better CB. But from what I have seen of Cro in the offseason and the good possibility Revis is not 100% Revis, I think Cro could be the better player this year,

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    Cro's a really good player, my favorite current Jet, but this is like comparing Wilkerson to JJ Watt. Good player vs potential hall of fame player

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    Cro will have a better year, not because Cro is better than Revis, but because our front 7 is better than TBs front 7.

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    Revis is a superb CB. One of the best ever so far. But a part of me really wonders if he was very good and became great due to coaching when Rex got here, or if he really is as good as he's been. It will be very interesting to see this season under Schiano. It will also be very interesting to see him covering White/Jones, Steve Smith, and Colston each twice a year. He just went from one of the weaker WR divisions to possibly the strongest. Part of why he was so great here is because he didn't get thrown at very often. He will now. It definitely will be an interesting storyline all year. I don't think he's going to have a Nnamdi like collapse, but I do see him looking more human than he has.


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