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Thread: What the heck happened?

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    that sanchez media op was riveting. far from the sharpest tool in the shed. hopefully that brady hair thing he was rocking pans out on the field or it's geno or bust. god help us

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    Mark Sanchez is an idiot.

    That is all.

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    there is only one remaining obstacle to the Jets becoming an above average offense in 2013

    and hopefully by the start of the season, Buttfumble6 will be permanently hitting the pines allowing that obstacle to be finally removed

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsCrazey View Post
    Lighten up on the ganja bro. On paper, this is one of the worst offenses in the league
    Last year clouded your mind.
    MM is the best OC the Jets have had in loooong time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfreak View Post
    I am looking at every team in the division and each has question marks....the jets will not be the cellar dweller.
    That was he gist of my post!
    I said " In the AFC East"
    If Holmes was healthy the Jets would have:
    Holmes, Kerley, Bray, Hill
    TEs- Winslow, Cumby, Smith
    RB- Ivory, Goodsen ( hopefully), Powell, McKnight

    * how can anyone say that's the worst in the AFC east?


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