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Thread: My Two Hopes for Training Camp

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    My Two Hopes for Training Camp

    1. HEALTH!

    Above anything else, this is the single biggest thing I hope for every season. We have been pretty lucky in this department the last 8 years (the debacle that was 2005 and last year losing our best offensive and defensive players for the season in weeks 2 and 3 respectively). Other than those examples, we've been one of the healthier teams in the NFL of late. Lets hope that trend continues. Positive vibes to our guys!

    2. Geno beats out Mark Sanchez in the QB competition

    I have no clue if Geno Smith is the answer for this franchise at the QB position. At this point, nobody does. I think the ability and possibility for that to be true is there, but we all know that it takes much more than that since there has been countless players (QBs) that come in to the NFL with all the ability and possibility in the world who end up amounting to nothing.

    What I DO know is this, today's NFL is a QB-driven league. If you have a great QB, your team is going to compete for a championship year in and year out. If you don't have a great QB, you can still succeed, but your chances of flourishing are slim and it requires so many other things to be perfect (not just good - perfect). So with that being said, Mark Sanchez has proven that while he can be better than what we saw last year, he certainly is not, nor ever will be elite. So in today's NFL, once you deem that the QB you have is not that "special guy," it is time to move on to the next guy in hopes that he can be that guy. If Geno is that guy - GREAT! If he's not, we'll have to move on from him as well.

    If Geno does not beat out Mark I still will not view that as an indictment on Geno Smith the player. It's hard for a QB to come out of college and in 5 weeks of training camp beat out a 5 year NFL veteran who was a top 5 pick in his own right. So even if Geno doesn't start the opening game of the season I don't feel it is the end of the world, but Sanchez has proven that he is not "our guy" so the sooner I see us moving on to the next guy, the sooner I feel this organization is progressing toward where we need to be.

    Good luck and good health, fellas. Make us proud!

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    Well stated!

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    agree with the OP

    no significant injuries


    Buttfumble6 replaced as the starting quarterback by Smith (and adiosed for good at the end of the season)


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