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Thread: Practice Cancelled For 7/28/13

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    Practice Cancelled For 7/28/13

    Due to rain. Without fail whenever I come to Cortland it just doesn't
    rain it pours and the animals start pairing off 2 by 2 looking for the ark.
    It started about 9:30 and by 10:30 it was cancelled. A couple of things:

    - For those who have wondered, after practice it takes me about 15-20
    minutes to get back to the hotel. After that depending on how much
    went on it may take me 30-45 minutes to organize and post my notes
    in a readable fashion

    - Monday is my final day in Cortland unfortunately my hotel's check
    out time is 12 pm. So when practice is over I won't have access
    to the internet. I'll post my notes when I get back to NYC which
    should be around 5 pm hopefully there's no traffic

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    Jets Blog posted at 10:48 practice is suspended

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRONX JET View Post
    Jets Blog posted at 10:48 practice is suspended
    True, practice has not been cancelled yet, just suspended. They did send home the fans that were there so if practice resumes it may be closed to the public.


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