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Thread: What happened to the camp notes 7/27?

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    what's encouraging is that the QBs, and offense in general, is keeping pace with the D through the first 2 days of camp.

    so used to just hearing about how the D is miles ahead of the offense and we can barely complete a pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manmrmoore View Post
    Jane McManus @janesports
    David Harris said Antonio Cromartie is filling the loudmouth void on the defense left by Bart Scott. #Jets
    Is it me or is Jane just as big a troll as Man**** and Semeni

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    Is Revis coaching Bubba on the art of the holdout or what?!

    GET YOUR ASS IN CAMP, KID! You haven't proved SHlT yet!

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    the major difference is that KRL actually watches the entire practice and then provides an intelligent report which looks at the entire picture - the good and the bad

    the Semens, Manures and the rest of the snarky hacks (as reported by KRL in his first camp coverage) stand around off to the side in a herd mostly with their backs to the field (probably ordering lunch) and then tweet out some quick lazy snarky comment they think is funny followed by the rest of them tweet out the same lazy comment

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Is it me or is Jane just as big a troll as Man**** and Semeni
    I think it's you. That was actually kind of funny.


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