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Thread: New Story: Plenty of Competition at Jets Camp

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    Post New Story: Plenty of Competition at Jets Camp

    Cortland, NY Whether fair or not, there is not as much fanfare around the Jets this offseason. Several big names have been shown the door following a 6-10 debacle of a season, and analysts are picking the Jets to finish near the bottom of the league.

    But what the turnover and lack of gaudy expectations has done is it's led to more competition in training camp this year.

    "I don't think I've ever been in a situation or a camp where so many of those things, those spots, are really up for grabs,' said Rex Ryan. "I think that is...


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    great article Evan

    keep up the good work

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    I believe you missed the main camp competition.

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    Evan, what about the Palestinian the Jets drafted in the 6th, Aybaosh (Spelling?), has he been cut already?

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    sg3 - Thanks, I appreciate it.

    TechJet - Haha yes I did, but that was a battle I thought deserved it's own article. And I wanted to wait a little to be able to give an update on how the competition was going.

    gunnails - Oday Aboushi is still on the roster. He's number 75 if you want to check if he pops up in any of the photos. I didn't include him because he has been taking snaps at tackle too, and I'd be surprised if he factored into the starting guard competition. But I'll keep an eye on him during camp, and see if there are any updates I can give you guys.


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