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Thread: MAN, Geno has a nice pass

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    Does look like he throws the best pass since we had Vinny here.

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    Strong arm, nice zip, and he throws on a rope. Very pretty.

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    Sanchez has a forced, strained and jerky throwing motion. Geno has a relaxed and smooth delivery, much like me when I was throwing to Caster.

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    That bomb to Hill over Cro looks VERY nice.

    Heard about it, but tweets don't do justice.

    Looks like HE'S the Vet and Mark's the rook if you ask me!

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    Those are some beautiful tosses there. WOW. Makes Sanchez look like the starting QB for the peewee football team in town. Finally we have a QB who can really throw a strike with finesse, touch and accuracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthTown View Post
    Those are some beautiful tosses there. WOW. Makes Sanchez look like the starting QB for the peewee football team in town. Finally we have a QB who can really throw a strike with finesse, touch and accuracy.
    Now just keep him clean!

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    Would love to be a fly on the wall when Rex, Marty & Idzik get to talk alone.
    So far, everyone that watches practice, novices, KRL, Jets beat writers, Baldinger, & even the Jet hater Evans, have commented about how good Geno looks.
    Evans who I truly can't stand pronounced this morning that he expected Sanchez to win the job, but after watching the entire practice changed his tune & felt that Sanchez did not look as good as Geno in his afternoon report, and went so far as to say this is a legitimate competition.
    People, there is a reason that Sanchez has graded out as one of the worst QBs in the NFL over the last 4 years....he's not very good!
    Geno will win out just in the accuracy alone. That in itself will tell the tale of the tape.
    Geno has confidence, seems very smart, and has come in with a focus that says, I'm pissed I fell to the 2nd round.
    Having Marty & Lee working with him, unlike, Shoddy, or Sparano , really brings an excitement to this season that makes me look forward to the Jets near future.
    As you guys know, if the rest of this team supports Geno & has any success it's going to run through the entire team like an electrical charge.
    The 1st time that Geno runs bootleg & goes 25 yards this team is gonna go crazy, then when we get 8 man fronts & MM goes for seam shots with Hill or Gates its gonna be freaking awesome with a guy that can throw a hard ball with accuracy!
    I can't wait to see him play with the 1st team vs the Lions.
    And if miraculously Holmes makes it back early in the season, he would have a pretty damn good crew to work with, Holmes, Hill, Kerley, Winslow, Cumberland, Ivory & Powell.
    As good as any other in the AFC East!

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    remember '99

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    Geno has a nice arm, Sanchez has a pretty good arm too, but it's Sanchez's speed in thinking that hurts him/us.

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    This is from SNY from Sunday.

    A couple of nice throws, although one near interception on the come back route. But the velocity is pretty apparent.

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    Seems to really be picking up the offense too.

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    Another video:

    I didn't pay much attention to what they were babbling about, but check out the throw at 1:37. It's a simple crossing route by Powell, but Smith hits him in perfect stride, and Powell is able to gain some YAC because of it. How many times have we seen Sanchez throw that ball high or behind the runner, causing them to slow down and be tackled at the spot? That I think is the biggest difference between the two, Smith does a great job at leading his receivers. If you pause it at the time of catch, the ball is shoulder high right in front of Powell.

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    I think Geno ends up starting week 1. Say what u want "oh its just practice" the guy is our best option at qb and it will show in preseason.

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    Geno still has a lot to learn and improve on, but he has that X Factor in terms of being able to make that big play with his arm or with his legs. He brings a dimension to the team that we haven't had. A QB who is dangerous from more than one aspect of the game. If Geno is back there teams have a lot more to worry about. They've got to worry about the normal WCO short stuff, the deep ball and Geno making something out of nothing with his legs. That's the kind of threat a good team needs. I'm pulling for Geno to win cuz I want to see the Jets not be held back by their QB anymore. It's THE most important position and we've had one of the worst in the league. It would be nice not to be at the bottom of the league anymore.

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    It's crazy but I was having a conversation today and I said exactly the same thing....this kid can throw a pretty ball and he is accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jet Nut View Post
    Does look like he throws the best pass since we had Vinny here.

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    Yeah...but can he run 40 yard gassers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianaJet View Post
    Yeah...but can he run 40 yard gassers?
    Nope, and he has small hands, that he uses to text during interviews.

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    Sanchez has no future with this team unless its a contract as a Backup for us next year.
    Sanchez has hit his ceiling, he has played QB his whole life & he still can't throw a consistent accurate throw.
    This is huge when you factor in not taking care of the ball. It's like playing an old duffer who hits straight all the time & he kicks your azz because your hooking & drawing drives all over the place & then trying to come up with a great second shot.
    Sometimes Sanchez pulls himself out of a bad 1st down throw but most of the time the defense forces him into mistakes on so many 2nd down & 10s.
    The way Geno has come out in the 1st 3 days of camp makes it obvious that he will only get better & more comfortable having smart guys like MM & Lee around.
    The players will be the 2nd group to notice after the coaches.
    People follow leaders & Geno is leading by performing on the field.
    I would be absolutely floored if Sanchez is named the starter. In fact Mark hasn't played a solid game for 4 quarters since the opener vs the Bills last year.
    If we found a QB, with Brady another year older, and next year we add some kick azz Linebackers to the group up front, we are gonna have a fun ride with Rex & Marty leading the way! In fact we could have a Philly type run but hopefully we get to a Superbowl & win it.
    Having Idzik reaffirms my believe that even though we will have 12 picks & a ton of cap space next year, that we will be very cautious & not swing for the fences but dollar cost average to be able to dominate the division like the Pats did over the last 10 years.


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