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Thread: New Story: Breaking Down the QB Battle Through Day Four

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    Post New Story: Breaking Down the QB Battle Through Day Four

    After the first four days of training camp the Jets have today off, which gives us the perfect chance to check in on how the quarterback battle is unfolding. There's enough attention being devoted to the quarterback competition that there's no need to write about it daily, but we will continue to find logical check-points to give updates on how the battle is progressing until a starter is eventually named.

    After mini-camp it appeared Mark Sanchez would be the favorite to win the starting job, but clearly Geno Smith put in a lot of work during the five week vacation as...


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    Great article Chris

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    Opened the article without much enthusiasm but in the end really enjoyed it due to the whole boxing analogy. Good work.

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    Opened the article without much enthusiasm but in the end really enjoyed it due to the whole boxing analogy. Good work.

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    An enjoyable read. I like the Geno's best and worse comparison.

    The fact Geno is a rookie and improving at a higher rate makes him the pick IMO.

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    Yes, great article. Thank you for writing and sharing, and I look forward to the next one!

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    Great read, as always

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    Didn't Mangini like to draw parallels between football and boxing.

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    Is it even possible that Geno can play worse than Sanchez has over the past 2 years?
    Seriously, I'm not kidding.
    52 TOs, horrifically low completion %, amazingly bad pocket presence, too many red zone TO, and a ranking of 36 when there are 32 teams in the NFL.

    I just don't see it happening. I could be wrong which wouldn't bode well for our future, but in my heart after seeing Geno hang with Mark, throw more accurate passes, and hearing MM talk about how well he's picking up the offense, I would believe he's just getting started.

    I think the Sanchez apologists forget that this is his 5th year, 5th year!
    I don't hate Sanchez, I just could care less about the feelings of a guy that has been paid millions & not even be a mediocre QB. This is a job man, people get fired everyday for failure, this guy was rewarded with a contract so large we couldn't even cut him.

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    Great read ... agree on the enjoying the analogy to boxing & scoring system ... makes it a bit unique from most of the reports.

    my personal take is the 2013 starter comes down to this:

    does MM believe Geno can already handle the speed of the NFL game & mental / decision making parts that come along with being THE GUY.

    I think if MM believes there is even just a slightly better chance for Geno to succeed by not throwing him immediately into the deep end of the pool then they will "kid glove" him and start the year with Sanchez.


    me personally, I don't even think it's about outplaying Sanchez (I think that will continue to just happen) ... Smith needs to show he can be the leader of the 52 grown men who will be his teammates, mentally able to handle reading the NFL defenses (what better test than Rex throwing all sorts of exotic $h*t at him) quickly, making sound decisions with the ball, and mature enough to emotionally handle the ups & downs that are certain to be there if he starts (MM please make sure to prepare this kid for the negative attention vultures that are the NY press!!!)

    I still think the decision with be to let him sit on the sideline for some live action first & have sanchez stumble his way around as the week 1 qb


    I am not leaning quite as heavily that way after Geno's 1st week of TC

    I love the fact that MM is there to make the decision ... & has success with grooming several other young QB's through this process on his resume

    again, nice read - thx!

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    I'm sorry Mark Sanchez, I've been a fan of yours but after 5 phucking years and you can't shack off a rookie in training camp; homie, you gotta warm the bench.

    pzzzzz.....out time for the "pencil legs" G-E-N-O to shine


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