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Truth hurts some day, mate. I've told you many times over the years, you'd be a good dude if you could just come to understand that not everyone is going to share your opinion, nor do they have to, nor do they need you to insult them to try and coerce them to. No one questions your fandom Ray. We question your constant and consistent e-roadrage here.

To answer your question, I'm not a Mod because I quit. The circumstances of the why has been covered ad neasuem at this tage, but be assured, it was my choice and mine alone.

And yes, I am both arrogant and self-rightious, painfully so at times. The difference between you and I is I can admit my flaws.

Have a nice day Ray.
Except there is no truth to your diatribe.

It's not about disagreement or differing view, never has been. There no insults until the garbage is thrown my way, and I've said this many, many times.

I've acknowledged my own flaws plenty of times. Your attempt to take the high road on this, and with a subtle jab, is also lame.