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Thread: Geno Smith Photos

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    Geno Smith Photos

    So my sister (@beyondthebuzzer) does a lot of photo editing for her website and most of the photos consist of NBA players, however I had her edit a Geno Smith pic with a few different backgrounds. Enjoy.

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    Omg, lrn2rehost

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Omg, lrn2rehost
    My apologies they're showing up on my comp.

  4. #4 is your friend.

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    Don't you just hate it when great plans go awry?

    (I still don't see the pics)

    Don't worry...I'm sure they're great ones.

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    Where are the Geno pic? I don't see them! oh gawd! please don't make me go blind I wanna be able to see clearly now.


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