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Thread: Charter Schools,

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    A better question is asking famous public school and teacher's union supporter Matt Damon how his kids are doing in Public Sch.....oh, wait.

    Actor Matt Damon is a strong supporter of America's public schools. Just two years ago, the star spoke passionately about the importance of public schools at a Washington DC "Save our Schools" rally. In fact, the actor is so impressed with public school teachers that he has demanded they receive a pay raise. That passion and conviction, however, does not apply to Damon's own children, who will not be enrolled into the Los Angeles public school system.

    In an interview with the Guardian published Saturday, Damon revealed that he had just moved to Los Angeles from New York, but that he didn't "have a choice" when it came to putting his four daughters into private schools. The multi-millionaire did say that it was "a major moral dilemma" and then made the bizarre excuse that the public schools aren't "progressive" enough. This would probably mark the first time anyone has ever complained that America's public schools, especially in Los Angeles, aren't left-wing enough. The Guardian interview is part of the 42-year-old acto'rs promotional tour for his upcoming sci-fi tentpole "Elysium," which opens Friday. According to early reviews, "Elysium" is a big-budget action film that condemns a future Los Angeles where the super-rich use their wealth and privilege to separate themselves and their families from the city's poor.
    So lets see....

    1. Loves Public School for the masses withotu choice, sends his own to a Prvate School for the rich.

    2. Makes movies about socio-economic segregation, engages in that same segregation in his own life.

    3. Is typical liberal-progressive hypocrite elite, likes to dictate to the masses what they will live with, whilst being rich beyond belief and doing all the usual rich elite things.

    I wonder if Coper and his new friend Sanchez will post a scathing Teacher's Union rebuff of Damon for this decision, if so, I wait to read it with bated breath....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Churchill View Post
    Oh look, Cop called a fellow Union memeber to come defend him, since on the facts he's been getting his ass handed to him by Doggin.

    Cop lost the argument when he basicly said teachers should only be judged on non-quantifiable things and by other teachers, that teachers deserve more money, and that any attempt to reform or offer alternatives to the failure than is U.S. public education is tantamount to Nazi'ism.

    Union extremists looking out for themselves, not the students, not the taxpayers, but only themselves.

    Reminds of something I was thinking on the ride in listening to Progressive radio. Nothing reminds me why I don't support teh Teacher's Union like listening to a Union Member, and nothing reminds me why I will never vote (D) like listening to a Progressive talk.

    People like Cop remind me of the worst employees I've ever worked with or managed, all of whom had a grossly inflated sense of their own production, value and worth, and every one of whom made sure everyone knew how underpaid, undervalued and hard working they were. The most grevious example, of course, was during my brief stint working in a Union myself, and were the two most veteran Union workers in the office. Least productive, highest paid, biggest whining mouth. Unions in a nutshell.
    I don't belong to a union, but thanks for trying. I'm even in the private sector just like you ::shock::

    Listen to yourself, who's the grossly inflated one spamming the board with his agenda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakin318 View Post
    Laughable? Then perhaps you can explain why home-schooled kids outperform traditionally schooled kids.

    Typical liberal "it takes a village" tripe. Just remember that those who can, do; and those who can't, teach.
    Ever hear of a sample size? (They teach that in school)

    Those that can, do. Those that can't, repeat unoriginal lame catchphrases.

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    This letter must be from one of those disgruntled, lazy, pro union teachers who have much less education than most of the private sector. Oh wait, this is from the superintendent of schools. Can't be.......
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