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Thread: After signing a contract with Dallas...Brandon Moore decides to retire anyway.

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    After signing a contract with Dallas...Brandon Moore decides to retire anyway.

    Lol...pretty bizarre. After waiting for months to get a decent contract...Moore decides to retire after signing one.

    After reaching an agreement Tuesday night with the Dallas Cowboys, guard Brandon Moore decided to retire instead Wednesday.

    Brandon Moore, who had played his entire career for the Jets, has decided to retire rather than join the Cowboys for this season.

    Moore could not bring himself to get on a plane and leave his family and informed the Cowboys of his decision Wednesday morning.

    "I was wrestling with it all day, going back and forth with my wife and family. Finally, we decided, 'Let's go ahead and do it.' I didn't sleep at all. I was wrestling with it. I realized it was too late in the game to uproot my family. I called my agent and said, 'I can't do it,' " Moore told's Rich Cimini.

    "I played the game for 10 years. I lived in a house. I didn't have to go from team to team, so this would've been a big transition for me. You really don't grasp it until you actually agree to something. Then it was like, 'Wow, I have to leave tomorrow for California,' " he said.

    In deciding to retire, Moore passed up a possible $2 million in 2013, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. He was to receive a $500,000 signing bonus, a base salary of $1.25 million, which was fully guaranteed, and a $250,000 play time bonus in his one-year contract.

    Moore, 33, played for offensive coordinator Bill Callahan for four years with the New York Jets. He spent his first 11 seasons with the Jets, starting 142 of 144 games in his career and every game since 2005.

    "I've been truly blessed. I don't have any regrets about my career. I gave it my all. I'd like to be known as a dependable guy who showed up for work every day and gave it his all," Moore said.

    The Cowboys were interested in Moore because Nate Livings is expected to miss two to four weeks because of knee surgery last week and Mackenzy Bernadeau returned to practice late last week after missing the first two-plus weeks with a hamstring injury.

    "We had conversations with him and we thought he might come in and help our team out," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday. "The conversations were way down the road and we thought we were close to an agreement with him, and he decided when he awoke up this morning he didn't want to play football anymore. So we respect that decision. We'll continue to try and evaluate that position as we go forward."

    Moore was involved in the infamous "Butt Fumble" on Thanksgiving Night last season in a play in which Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez slid into Moore and the fumble was returned for a New England Patriots touchdown.

    "It's amusing to me to me that people think it's so amusing. The way I look at it, I don't think it should have any link to my career. I don't think it stands for what I was as a player for 10 years. I really don't give it much thought," Moore said.

    Garrett was asked about veteran free agent Brian Waters, who last played in 2011 for the Patriots, as a possibility.

    "Brian Waters has been a really good player in this league for a long time," Garrett said. "As you guys know, I think he's a six-time Pro Bowler. He's an NFL Man of the Year, played a long time in Kansas City a few years ago, he came late to New England and had a Pro Bowl year for them when they went to the Super Bowl. The biggest issue for Brian right now is he hasn't played in 18 months. You have to factor those things in."

    ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter,'s Rich Cimini and's Calvin Watkins and Todd Archer contributed to this report.

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    Its a shame all espn shows and talks about is the butt fumble .. Guy was a Pro Bowl Guard. He essentially is the definition of beating the odds. Undrafted DT Turned into Pro Bowl Guard

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    You still get your news from ESPN?

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    How many Brandon Moore thread are we going to have??

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    scumbags > Adam Schefter, Rich Cimini and Calvin Watkins and Todd Archer

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1023 View Post
    You still get your news from ESPN?
    Nope...saw this link from another website.

    You want my views on these media this:!/page21

    The type of Media you reflected in the message itself.

    Marshall McLuhan...wrote many books on the subject. And they were saying...

    "The Medium Is The Message"..."The Medium Is The Massage"

    This guy knew what was going to come from the media with a vengeance, way back in the 1960s. He knew the medium was a weapon of persuasion and propaganda on many levels. From the subtle subliminal presentations, to the more aggressive and graphically obvious ones.

    Of course there are more up to date books that deal with the media subject in this manner. By others as well as McLuhan. But I chose McLuhan here...cause he was prophetic from a vantage point, of an era where the mainstream media seemed less aggressive and intrusive. Less nasty-sleazy-seedy...with less inappropriately cruel overtones. He knew all these types of delivery systems were going to emerge to the forefront of mainstream media presentations.

    Mainstream media isn't just informing as to aid you in making good decisions in your life....or for your NYJ. Nor is it always presenting pure escapist entertainment, to help remove you from a world that makes us all weary at times. It often is telling you how to feel...think...and act. In subtle shades to overt tones.

    You've been getting a good taste of the media flavor of choice...for our how they've been covering our Jets team...especially since late 2011 to right now. They want you to swallow and digest their cleverly packaged flavor...and react on the poison it just gave you.

    For the older of you Jets fans...this is the kind sports journalism and media that your children are growing up in.

    Media are privately owned businesses. Mega corporations. And it's their money that's talking to you. Their not catering to your love for the game of football...or your NYJ. They want to capture you and put you in a chicken coop. Force you to lay coins for their treasure chests. They'll give you a carefully concocted presentation that resembles your love for football...and your team. But it's all about money...and the milking of fans to get it.

    "The Medium Is The Message"..."The Medium Is The Massage"...

    Forget...for a moment, about how disappointed or angry you may feel about the past two years of our NYJ fortunes. And the individuals responsible for your negative feelings. Think more about how calculated and cruel the media has presented this. Guys like Mehta and Cimini...ESPN producers' NYJ guidlines on talking points...and so on. They've been saying to Woody and Rex..."'ve pissed us where gonna manipulate your fan base with our persuasive delivery systems...and make them more angry and hateful towards you and the Jets, let that be a lesson to you both."

    The media is confident they can pied pipe the fans reactions...with presentations like this...Rex and his tatoo. Cause..."the media is the message"..."the media is the massage."

    Once in a've just got to kick them in the balls...and let them know you don't like what they're doing. Woody and Rex are saying to a media that's been sh!ting on their Jets...fu*k-u.

    What are Jets fans...that bleed the Green 'n White...going to say to these media mafioso's? Not much in defense of their far.


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