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Thread: a year makes a big difference

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    a year makes a big difference

    Wow, thinking back to last year at this time...
    -Sanchez was the QB....Tebow mania was in full hype but not as a we have 2 possible starters....although I want Geno, I want whoever can deliver the wins.
    -OMG...Wayne Hunter is a our O-line seems significantly better
    -Shonn Greene was our, it's up for grabs
    -WR's....I think this year we are in better shape....even without Holmes
    -Defense...who is guy Landry? (well, some things don't change)....I think we held our own without Revis and this year we are in a better position all around, especially the pass rush

    The two names I remember hearing the most about T-bow and Hunter.....

    Maybe...maybe...maybe this year we pull it all together!

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    I remember last year Mark and the offense struggled in practice every day. We thought it was because our defense was dominant. But it ended up being our offense was that bad.

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    Even though hunter wasn't very good, fact is Sanchez made him look much worse than be really was due to his inability to read defenses and make adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

    I still think hunter gets way too much blame for 2011.

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    Lol, I remember folks surprised we couldn't score in the pre-season, but Sparano explaining that they were keeping it vanilla so defenses would be shocked at what we threw out there in the regular season.

    Tebow, I think most people with a brain knew that was going to be a disaster anyway. I doubt many thought he was going to do much, other than the transplanted Tebots.


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