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Thread: Fans should boycott Mehta and Cimini...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OCCH View Post

    If you feel they're too hard on the team so be it, but they're spot on about the fans . . .
    Thank you!!

    Why some fans believe that they should be able to cheer Penington's injury and wish for example that Sanchez die or get cancer as some have suggested out here on JI without being called out over it is simply amazing!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FTL Jet Fan View Post
    Living in Miami it is sickening how bad these reporters are such homers, all the talk radio show hosts will not stop how the Fins are going to the playoffs and Tannefail is going to the pro bowl Etc.. Then you have Cimini and Manish who are bottom feeders and parasites I boycott all of their articles and blocked them from twitter because it only pisses me off when I read there ****
    All well and good but the Miami hacks apparently haven't noticed that Left Tackle is still an important position in the NFL.

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    Yeah it's like night and day comparing the Fins and the Jets beat writers.


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