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Thread: Veteran civil rights leader: Snowden acted in tradition of civil disobedience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    But instead he had more BRAINS than Guts in the end because again if he did the above, He would've been dead within the year and no one would know about his existence or the existence of the NSA surveillance programs except for the U.S. Government.
    You think Putin is going to treat him better than the US govt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cr726 View Post
    You think Putin is going to treat him better than the US govt?
    Sure he will, not because Putin is some champion of freedoms, lol. He will treat him better because it is in his best interest politically to do so in the never ending propaganda war between the nations. In the eyes of our government Snowden is a traitor (in my view the actual traitors are the people in the government that trample on our liberties) but to many others around the world he will hailed for standing up against American overreach. Of course Putin is guilty of doing worse to suppress freedoms within his own country but this is a propaganda war and Snowden is a useful tool.


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