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Thread: We're looking at 12 draft picks guy...

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    We're looking at 12 draft picks guy...

    We might not need to resort to signing expensive free agents after all, we have a young developing roster right now, our most senior players right now are Pace, Harris, Brick and Mangold, and Rex is talking about how rejuvenated Pace looks.

    But on to the draft, who are some of the prospects for next year? A little too early in the game but we can start discussing QB's, RB's, LB's, TE's and Safeties as areas of possible need. Where is the strength next year? I hear about this supposed bumper crop at QB, but outside of Bridgewater who in my opinion is not much better than Geno if at all, who do we have? Manziel is a bust before he even became one, that leaves the kid from Clemson, the kid from Alabama... who else?

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    12 draft picks and around $50 million under the cap after we dump Sanchez and Holmes.

    Should be an exciting offseason.

    If there's one big name free agent I'd target, it would be Orakpo. Then go offense heavy in the draft.

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    I dont want to hear about positional value, I want at least one WR and TE and two RB's.

    It's time to join the modern era of football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
    I dont want to hear about positional value, I want at least one WR and TE and two RB's.

    It's time to join the modern era of football.
    Agreed. Its awesome to have a great D, you will always be in games if you dont turn the ball over and have a solid Defense. But its tough to win the whole shabang if you cant put a lot of points on the board.

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    With so many new players this year we will find out a lot about our needs by years end. We have a lot of questions.

    Do we have safeties that can play?
    TE is suspect.
    Can a new WR jump in and grab a job?
    How good is Demario Davis?
    RB is probably a need.

    I'll say one thing, if the Jets really like a QB in the 1st round I would not hesitate to make that my choice. Geno Smith is a 2nd rounder and Sanchez should be a goner. I am not pencilling in Smith to be a long term franchise guy.

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    I think we have one already in Cumberland, we need another one. I don't put a lot of stock in Winslow because he can bust a knee at any moment, but Cumby is an ascending player to keep an eye on, the knock on him was his blocking, but he's improved a ton according to Rex, the dude is big too, around 260, at the very worst we got a super solid number two, what we need is a Whitten type, a complete TE who can start for 10 years.

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    THe 50 really become 25 after we sign some of our own and after the draft, I read a while back, not sure if it was Bent at Jetsblog who explained this, but even in the worst case scenario, we will be at least 25 under. Too bad next year's free agent class is so weak, the Jets just never get a break. I'm holding out hope that at some point that all elusive franchise QB will become available to us.
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    It's not set in stone that we will have 12 picks. If I had too guess off the top of my head I'm guessing a 5,6, and a 7. Plus the 3 for Revis. So 11 picks overall in a class that has yet too be determined.

    I really wanted at least 1 T/E this year in the deepest T/E class I can remember but Idzik went the other way. To see Dion Sims go in the fourth hurt real badly especially regarding our TE situation and our QBs. It would have been nice to pluck even one of them.

    Next year.......hoping we don't need another QB I am going offense big time. I wish they did it this year because most wr and te need some time and normally have a much more productive second year. Cue Stephen Hill.

    It's also looking like we are going to have to get a viable swing tackle. I really think Oboushi is not going to amount to anything. The guy was brutal in his first preseason game and brutal in the senior bowl. I just didn't understand that pick at all. After the offense is loaded up I'm going safety. Even with all of the safety's we have fighting for a spot, it will be a weakness this year......just being realistic.

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    I got news for you, Dion Sims would be stuck behind both Cumby and Winslow right now, Cumby is a different player, remember this is the guy that was running 4.43 at 250 pounds two years ago, last season he was hurt and his speed was affected, but this year he looks to have regained most of it back. He was raw as hell, but the light seems to be going on up there. Winslow is having an excellent camp and barring injury he's good for 40 and 500 with 5 TD's, he's looked real good and this is a guy who has always posted up big numbers when healthy. I think he can have a rebirth here, he still young enough and has some tread still on those tires, same for Braylon who's now come out saying he feels like new again, watch out with these two if they stay healthy.

    But I'm with Ruby, I think a TE is an absolute necessity.

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    I've asked around in different places and the consensus seems to be no worse than one fifth and three sixes, or two sixes and a seventh. There's a lot a value even in that 6th round range right before the 7th, there's value there for sure.


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