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Thread: What happened to Rontez Miles?

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    What happened to Rontez Miles?

    What happened to this guy? I know he was hurt in the beginning of training camp, but I think I only heard his name once. I remember hearing a lot of buzz on this guy and emdiggity projected him to start at some point. Are we just hiding this guy so no one snags him off our PS or is he a nobody?

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    Haven't seen or heard anything about him all camp. Assuming he will be on the PS at best.

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    Rontez Miles had a few really nice special teams tackles last game. In one play he flew his body towards the runner laying a nice hit. On another, he held his block along the sideline and made the tackle preventing a big gain. I like the way he plays and he definitely has a future. Donnie Walls was another guy who played with intensity and purpose last game. Both guys have a future on the defense though they may be a bit behind in the x and o dept and may need some more development time. Both should be on the team soon though. Miles may have to wait a year though.

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    Ok, last pre-season game and all they do is have him play special teams. I'm assuming the jets are hiding this guy at this point to place him on the practice squad. He made the first cut and has barley played. I was hoping to see him play vs Philly.

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    I hope he makes the team. He has some ST value right now. I feel like he just needs time to develop under Rex

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    There is no way he makes this team. There is just not enough room for 5 safeties. I'm hoping he makes the practice squad. This guy is going to be a stud.

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    He's been a demon on ST's, I think they are hiding him for the PS, the man hits, and moves well.


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