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Thread: Why The Media Hates On The Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    Rozelle went after Namath for Bachelors 3..
    I remember and Rozelle won.

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    As someone else said, it's because our team was too brash for its own good.
    The media torment is a productive of Rex Ryan, and shows why the Rex Ryan WWE style head coach podium performances is a bad model. I'm not saying we should be the opposite, and be like Belichick, but a happy middle ground wound be nice. Rex acts like it's a party in a nut club every time he steps up to the press conference. He's guaranteed Superbowl wins in years we didn't even make the play offs.

    Basically, we just ask for it.

    You can't do that type of stuff and then LOSE. It's like stepping up to the plate in baseball, pointing to the stands and calling out a home run, then swinging, missing horribly, and falling on your ass on national television.

    Rex is a big ****ing doofus.

    Seattle is sort of brash (not so much their head coach), but they're also a scary freaking football team. All we do lately is talk **** then buttfumble.

    All of the people who thought the Rex circus was so great and so fresh and so anti-New England shouldn't be pulling the victim card now that the media makes us a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Wolfe View Post
    Your last part is nonsense. Jets and giants have basically the same sized fanbase in the metro area. And how are you able to deduce that one fanbase is more affluent than the other.

    The little brother thing comes from the fact that one team is older than the other, that's it.
    Your telling me you see as many jet jerseys and t shirts as Giant ones. The Giants did not have an issues selling all their PSLs even their premium seats. The guys who own the last company I worked for were from the city and jet season ticket holders in the old stadium. They told me it was 2-1 giants over jets. The Eng manager another jet fan from Brooklyn and he said it was even more skewed towards the Giants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Let's not kid ourselves, the Giants fanbase is absolutely larger than the Jets fanbase. It's not even close.
    That's a bunch of BS

    25 years ago, maybe....not now

    Jets fans are everywhere...coast to coast

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    The media doesn't hate the jets. The jets and woody have been one of the media's best friends. Open door policy, Access to coaches and the teams. The team encouraging the players interaction with the media.

    The jets made two of the worse decisions in football last year. Signing Tebow ( and giving statements during PC about unleashing him and letting him be treated as he was the starting QB) and signing Sanchez to an extension. While both these happened under the old regime, everything is not forgotten when Tanny closed the door behind him.

    The jets decisions don't get the benefit of the doubt because they have not won in the last 20 years. While the team gives unlimited access to the media, neither the the team or it's players are very media savvy at all. The jets are perceived to be courting media attention. While the Giants are reserved and when they win you hear just as many "aw shucks" as you do back slapping. On the jets you hear more back slapping than anything else, even while not winning. For example Rex saying he will have a top 5 defense- Why did he say such a thing? So if the jets finished 10-12 and with a difference of 10 yards a game from top 5 the media can call him on it, every time the jets give up 20 points in a game this year your going to see a reference to that statement.

    To get good media, you have to win so that when negative arguments are posted they are treated with a snicker. Ron Borges continues to write and spin every thing to be anti pats up here. His articles are joked about on sports radio up here, even though the media hates Bill and derides the pats for not helping them sell their papers or air time.

    The jets are treated like little brothers because they are. The Giants have a larger fan base and a more affluent one. There is nothing wrong with being the little brother. Peytons little brother has had more success than he has.
    There definitely have been moves that have caused problems on the field, especially the Tebow deal. But in the end, what did Tebow really cost the Jets? The Broncos spent a first round pick on him, tried to develop him, and then traded him for a massive downgrade in rounds. Where is the negative press about that? Nowhere, because the Denver media had the Manning story to run with, so no one cared about Tebow.

    The fanbase idea is mostly BS, because a lot of these fans that appear to favor the Giants are front runners that show up when a team wins. The Jets show up in the Superbowl, and I guarantee you, a ton more Jets hats pop up. The same happened to the Red Sox too, I believe Simmons refers to them as the pink hats. The real fanbase itself is pretty much the same, but there are definitely more bandwagoners out there, who couldn't tell you a name on the O-line, but claim to be die hard fans since prenatal.

    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    After 40+ years we should be the lovable losers but we are not. There is something to people loving to hate NY but I don't think that plays much in this case. IMO these are the main reasons why we get treated the way we do:

    1. Open-door media policy that was adopted by Tanny/Rex/Woody in an effort to sell PSLs is a double-edged sword. When you sleep with dogs you get fleas. Once the door is open it is hard to close w/o a complete regime change.

    2. Rex's past bloviating. Rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Especially around the league.

    3. Woody being openly conservative.
    Yeah, usually when teams lose, there tends to be a sympathetic attitude after some time. The Cubs in baseball would be one example, the Browns, and pre-2004 Red Sox. But you are right, people tend to hate everything NY, especially if they haven't lived in NY because it just gives off a brash persona, and Rex's brashness played right into this feeling.

    I don't think Wood's views have much affect, because honestly he could be communist for all I care, since it doesn't affect the football field.

    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Let's not kid ourselves, the Giants fanbase is absolutely larger than the Jets fanbase. It's not even close.

    I think the affluence thing is more of a perception this day and age though.
    Again, I don't think it's larger, I think the bandwagon is more full. I think the base amount of fans are pretty similar, but the people that jump ship with each victory resides with them now. And don't get it wrong, that's where a good amount of revenue comes in, because these people will go out and buy everything new, with new jerseys, hats and shoes to prove their fandom.

    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    This is more nonsense and paranoia. The media doesn't have a particular hate for the Jets. What the Jets give the media is a three ring circus, led by ring master Rex---. Heck can you blame them.
    I don't think the moves the Jets have made are THAT far out there from the bad moves that other teams have made. The Raiders have a horrible team, blew the No. 1 overall pick, consistently blow high first round picks, traded first round picks for an over-rated Palmer who led them nowhere, and they don't get nearly the agony we get. The Jags, Bills, Dolphins have all been worse than us recently, yet they get a pass? I understand scrutiny, if it's warranted. But what we get is much worse than what similarly under performing face, day in and day out, and just wanted to list the reasons why.

    Quote Originally Posted by leftturn3 View Post
    You had me at "1)"

    I will try to explain without the whole book.

    SB 3 Jets win the whole thing with a brash cocky QB named Namath, they are the team that comes in and takes the clean cut Johnny U and sends them packing with the NY partying swag. We had it all and we were destined for greatness. Since then we have been riding that wave doing all we can to hold on but only doing half to get it back. Now along come the Giants, in the NFC, the power house of the NFL. All should reject a second football team in NY but the NFC is suddenly becoming the strength of the league and with the Giants coming to town it gives people a place to hang their hat.

    Clean, Strong , Organized and on the move, the Giants are the team to follow as the Jets do not seem to be doing much to improve the organization much passed SB3, while the Giants are establishing themselves as the powerhouse of NY. Suddenly the Giants are the big brother winning a SB and the Jets the step brother barely making playoffs. We are now following them around, right into their stadium, and we are still following them. We almost created our own identity with our own stadium but some hard-on senator killed that with his own agenda.

    Leon Hess, was not concerned with winning SBís as much as he was concerned with marketing the team and keeping a steady income for as little cost as possible. Over the years the less than serious attitude in the Jets ownership and the people Hess employed to run the organization have made the team look like a bunch of clowns. Unfortunately that stigma carries over to Woody. I truly believe he wants to win, I am just unsure he know how to.

    If management is not serious, how is the press expected to take it.

    Just my thoughts.
    It could be deep rooted, but there should be change though. Since Parcells came over, we've been a fairly successful team, albeit we never won a SuperBowl. But as soon as there is some adversity, the media turns on us. This is also the same media that praises other teams for rebuilding the right way, when they tank for 2-3 years with horrible years and then barely crack .500.

    Quote Originally Posted by RMJK View Post
    You have guys like Francessa who loves the Giants and pretends to be objective . Guys like him look good when we have years like last year and the Giants win the SB.
    Yeah, he's one guy that I hate. And honestly, I hate him even as a Yankee fan, because he's just an idiot. I don't think he follows sports anywhere near as much as he lets on. His show was great in the 90's before the internet and information age came about, but now, there is such an influx of information out there, that his views sound stupid. I haven't heard the show in a few years since I moved from NY, but he had absolutely no clue when prospects would get called up, always advocated idiotic trades for over the hill players (he loves David DeJesus for some reason), and I don't think he has much of a clue about football either. He happens to have connections so he can get inside information and interviews. But his breakdowns were almost always horrible and never insightful.

    Quote Originally Posted by djaparz View Post
    There is a difference between hating and telling it like it is. For instance Ray Lucas I believe tells it like it is . What he observes and how he feels about the team. I have seen him root for the team but also put down Sanchez, Rex, Bart Scott etc. But also on the very same show on SNY Adam Schein will just talk out both sides of his mouth. Sanchez is the starter on this team and then two days later kill him and say he should not be on the team. You can be objective but you can't do a complete opposite in every situation. Guys like Mehta & Cimini i my opinion would rather not cover this team, but they get paid to do a job so they make more to the story than what it really is. Even worse some of there tweets are just so damn sarcastic I sometimes forget they are supposed to be professional journalist.
    Francesca is a sports shock jock on a lot of levels. Just as people tune into Stern or O & A for what they do on the radio people listen to Francesca for the same reason. I do not believe he likes the Jets organization from Woody on down. But when you are a journalist you need to be objective.
    My favorite person I like to listen to is Carl Banks and Boomer once in a while. Both are very knowledgeable of the game. Banks adds more to it though. I remember the day after we got trounced by NE 41-3 or something in 2010. Everyone was saying that the team was just a farce and the loss brought out what our team really was. Banks came out and basically said that the score didn't really reflect the effort of the team and then explained what the team needed to do etc. He coudl have jumped o the bandwagon and just killed it from top to bottom but he looked at it objectively.
    Part of it is the revenue stream that media relies on now. They need the shock and awe to draw people in, because there are tons of free analysis out there that they can't match. If I want breakdown analysis, I usually find myself reading blog posts more so than print paper or online versions, because those guys can focus on specifics instead of giving a whole picture. And drumming up controversy is the best way these guys sell papers.

    There are good analysts out there, but they get lost under all these shock jockeys that irk the fanbase, while catering the national fanbase that hates the Jets.

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    I don't believe in a vast conspiracy against the Jets let alone NY teams. The Jets imploded spectacularly last year while under the national spotlight and the media is trying to keep the story going. Once the season starts there will be new stories and if the Jets performances no longer fit the narrative, the Jets pile-on will become stale and the media will move on.


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