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Thread: Sanchez injury makes the decision for Idzik.

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    Sanchez injury makes the decision for Idzik.

    First, it's good to know that Sanchez isn't seriously hurt. No one wants to see that.

    But, last night's injury does clear the way to Geno finally being named the starter, just as Idzik hoped.
    Dont fool yourselves folks, Idzik would have axed Sanchez the moment he was hired, but his contract made that an impossibility.
    So with Sanchez out of the way, this gives Geno and a chance to be number the number one, the question is will he be able to handle the pressure and get better and better, week after week.
    Sanchez' injury also gives Simms some reps with the 1st but mostly, 2nd team. I know that Simms played against mostly against 3rd stringers, but he seems to have a good sense of the game and seeing that there aren't many quality backups out there in free agent land, front office should give him the chance to prove himself once and for all.

    More importantly, I don't think it's fair to pass judgement on Geno after just one game. I did watch yerterday's game, and although he made way too may rookie mistakes, he did have some impressive looking drives. His poise however, is what impressed me overall. There's no doubt that he is talented enough to play, but we'll soon find out if there's anyone home upstairs.
    At the very least, he and does seem have a better arm than Sanchez.
    I hope he steadily improves and doesn't regress like Sanchez ended up doing. Geno does have a top notch O.C. and QB Coach to work with. So there's that.

    Personally, i always thought that 2013 had all the makings of a rebuilding type season. I'm ok with that so long and we see light at the end of the tunnel. The defensive line has the makings of something special and they should give them a chance steal a few games they play. so get ready for a lot of late 4 th quarter stressful ,beer and pepto-bismal drinking games.

    go jets!

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    We'll see. If he IS named starter, we're in for a bumpy ride with the rook.


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    Perhaps, but with Sanchez at the helm I could Guarantee ​ a bumpy ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadianjetsfan View Post
    Perhaps, but with Sanchez at the helm I could Guarantee ​ a bumpy ride.
    Both have their flaws but Geno will gradually improve as he learns to read Defenses.

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    here we go again


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