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Thread: Similarities between Rex and Sanchez

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    Similarities between Rex and Sanchez

    Looks like Rex and Sanchez are two peas in a pod. Both of them had early success in the Jets' organization. Rex with his top rated defense and playoff runs in his first couple of years and Mark leading them to the playoffs as a rookie and the year after. Both of them capture the media's attention for all the wrong reasons. Rex with his brash predictions, shoulder tattoo of Sanchez' jersey, foot fetish, etc. Mark for his butt fumble, eating hot dog on the sideline, strange headbands. Both of them seem to keep making rookie mistakes. Rex dragging out the QB competition, oblivious to what the offense is doing, putting Sanchez in with the scrubs in a preseason game. Sanchez with the same poor decisions, interceptions, turnovers, etc. And it looks like both of them are skating on thin ice with the Jets if they can't turn around the franchise this season.

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    the Neo Cortex part of our brain doesn't work that efficiently.

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    Difference is Rex can easily get a DC Job anywhere while mark probably will never be a starter ever again.. Rex has his faults but he was delt with a terrible GM and qb who both regressed in their positions.. Sanchez, Holmes contracts were just aweful decisions by tanny.. Both would have been cut if they didn't not have guaranteed $. Would have saved us over 20 mil in cap.. In defense of Rex, no coach can last in NFL when you have league worst qb 2 years in a row.. Rex will be fine if he's fired.. I would like to see Mm/Rex be a good team together.. " it's my offense / your defense" type deal.. Similar to what saints had with Williams as DC and Payton as HC/OC..


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