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Thread: ** BREAKING ** Report: Bill Belichick knew Aaron Hernandez felt 'life was in danger'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcat View Post
    He may have between legally and technically entitled to that money
    kinda blew your argument there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorJet View Post
    Look troll... its no longer an alleged crime. His lawyer will deal soon and you Pats Pu$$ies will never see him again. You guys will not live up to your standards this year, Brady will retire and by next season, you turd-like trolls will have crawled under a rock. I think you're one of the easiest troll to hate because you call your self Guido. The Jersey Guido shows reminded me that Guido is a term of defamation and given to schmucks who have an undeserved sense of entitlement. So congrats at being at the top of your field.
    No longer alleged? He was convicted already? You don't say. Or is that just Arkansas redneck justice at work. Don't bother answering because it's moot anyway. He'll never play for the Pats, nor anyone else again, no matter what happens at trial. (and I have no doubt he's guilty, so before you rejoice in calling me naive). You are some fortune teller I see. Pats will suck this year? Brady will retire next? What's tomorrow's lottery number? Lastly, let me explain to this to you that Guido is an actual name of Italian origin. I had an uncle by that name. I also had an uncle Luigi, and Salvatore, and many others with lots of vowels. I realize some small minded people utilize that name to defame Italians in New Jersey, but I can assure you that's not where my nic comes from. Congrats to you for showing you're of small, narrow mind.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Pats suck and swallow year in, year out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2® View Post
    I was unaware of a conviction in this case.
    There a lot of things you aren't aware of.

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    I love to rile the trolls. Thank God their intelligence level is such that it is sooooooooo easy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache 51 View Post
    Pats suck and swallow year in, year out.
    Couldn't have said it better myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    I love to rile the trolls. Thank God there intelligence level is such that it is sooooooooo easy!
    It's funny because 99% of them have NO CLUE about the game. Only what the media tells them... LOLZ

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    IMO, this story may be a strategy employed by the defense team to try and explain AH's alleged crimes. while I certainly do not buy it for one minute, what I find troubling is the biased media give Belicheat and NE a pass, once again. Who believes Belicheat was going to cut AH? A load of b/s. If that was true, the minute AH was suspected, NE would have cut him. Instead, they waited until he was arrested. Also, what kind of incompetent organization is up in NE? A very soft background check should've revealed many of these accounts documented in the story. Did NE do a background check on AH? If so, what were the results and how come NE still drafted this murdering, gangbanging thug? Patriot Way my azz.

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