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Thread: Our Jets need a fast start

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    Lets just get through week 1 and see how we play can we? It is senseless to try and look past that when we have no clue what the team will look like with all the new coaches and players. Then if all goes well lets see how they prepare and play in week 2. Then maybe we can say what if. Right now? nobody has a freaking clue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetster View Post
    Is it really outrageous to think that the Jets can go 3-1 in the 1st 4 games?
    A fast start would be huge in regards to their schedule.
    Bucs @ home (win) could happen
    @ Pats (loss) Jets do play better vs Pats in Gillette than at home
    Bills @ home (win) rookie QB, Loud stadium vs very good Dline
    @ Titans (win) Jets should have won this game last year & half the team packed it in

    After these 4 games, Holmes will probably be 100%, Goodsen will be back giving us a serious threat in the RB screen game.
    Coples will be back in the groove & the D should really be meshing by this time
    The Oline takes time to get on the same page
    MM will be opening up the playbook as the offense gets familiar with the base offense.
    I truly believe that we finally have very good coaching on both sides of the ball & if we can get out to a fast start, the team will gain some confidence & could really make for a very fun 2nd half of the season.
    Can't wait!
    There not winning more than 3 games this entire season

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlito1171 View Post
    No matter how much we've debated this over the last couple of seasons.....i think it's pretty clear by now that Freeman > Sanchez
    Have you looked at how his preseason is going?

    "(8/28/13) Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman has had a brutal preseason. He's completed less than 50 percent of his passes (12 of 26), while throwing for 101 yards, no touchdowns and getting sacked nine times."

    Preseason isn't everything but that doesn't bode well. Then again, we sucked worse last preseason and exploded against BUF in week 1 so who really knows anything


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