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Thread: It's amazing to me that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiseOldWalt View Post
    Tannenbaum built the circus, not Rex. We are in the final phases of it as we transition into the Idzik era.

    Tannenbum is the one who fkked everything up, not Rex.
    Idzik will be stupid to let him go- unless the season is a complete disaster.
    Like Raider-esque.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckesg1 View Post
    In fact the only people who really win are Jets fans because there will be a complete new regime.
    An per our history, we will all win again in 5 years, when the new and improved regime arrives to replace the old new regime. An so the story goes,year in and year out, no regime allow to stay around long enough to actually complete a team building before another arrive to rip it all down to go in a different direction


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