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Thread: 2013 BOLD PREDICTIONS; 1 for the Jets, and 1 for the rest of the league

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    Jets: We win 10 games AND our 3rd AFC East title.

    NFL: Ravens finish with a losing record and the Browns make the playoffs.

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    Jets - Matt Simms replaces Geno 6 games into the season - leads resurgent Jets to an 8-8 record allowing Rexster to keeps his job another year
    NFL - Cowboys go 3-13.

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    Jets win the Superbowl. but Mehta still wants Rex fired because Rex regains all his lost weight during the season. Calls him out for not having the willpower to stick with his diet.

    Who cares about the rest of the league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDL_JET View Post
    That's a good one. Could actually see that happening.

    JETS: Kerley ends up with 10 TDs.
    League: Kirk Cousins starts more games then RGIII.
    That actually wouldnt shock me. If they are calling bonehead plays like last year he isnt making it more then 6 games into the season. He looked great last year but the plays they had him running may have cut his career in half.

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    Kyle Wilson finally locates a ball thrown in his direction whilst it is still in the air.

    Green Bay miss the play-offs.

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    1. Jets are top 10 in the league in passing yards and top 7 in defense.

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    Rex Ryan goes on "Bad Ink" and changes his Mark Sanchez tatoo into Kyle Wilson.

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    Jets - 10+ TD's for Winslow

    NFL - Jacksonville announces move to Salt Lake City at seasons end

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    Antonio Allen plays very well at safety.

    Giants offensive line is a disaster

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    1. Pats go 8-8 and miss the playoffs.
    2. Steelers go 6-10.
    3. Bungles win the AFC North.
    4. Packers win the Super Bowl.
    5. Jets go 8-8 and Rex keeps his job.

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    Bold League Prediction: Peyton Manning doesn't throw a killer interception that ends his team's season.

    Bold Jets Prediction: Sanchez is starting by week 6 and wins back some fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GangGreen115 View Post
    -Matt Stafford MVP
    -Mark Ingram breakout year
    Hope so. That would help my fantasy team!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peebag View Post
    Jets - Matt Simms replaces Geno 6 games into the season - leads resurgent Jets to an 8-8 record allowing Rexster to keeps his job another year
    NFL - Cowboys go 3-13.
    Hope so!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMJK View Post
    1.Jets 27 Bucs 16

    2. Jets 21 Pats 20
    if this happens Mark is packed out the door in the middle of the night &on the missing person list!

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    Jets go 10-6 and get a wildcard.

    Francessa has a heart attack on the air while trying to explain how the Jets got a gift which allowed them to make the playoffs.

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    Jets: Cumberland catches 3 TDs in home opener and goes for over 100 yes

    NFL: Big Ben and half the Steelers staff get arrested in London following a mass brawl at team hotel thus ending the overseas experiment

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    JETS-1: Jets lead league in QB Sacks and QB pressures.
    JETS-2: Geno gets banged up early. Simms comes in to replace him and plays well. Jets have new controversy 2 weeks later when both Sanchez and Smith are healthy enough to play.

    NFL: Patriots once again make headlines in new accusations cheating involving interference and interception of opponents radio communications during games. Commissioner Goodell moves rapidly to gather "all evidence" into his personal custody.

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    Jets defense is not top 10 and is bottom 3rd in sacks in the league.

    Chicago bears are the surprise team of the league.

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    Jets rank 3rd in Def. NE finishes 7-9

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    JETS win the AFCE The fish finish LAST in the AFCE


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