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Thread: Is there a decent Jets beat writer I can follow?

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    Is there a decent Jets beat writer I can follow?

    Hey guys

    I've been a huge Jets fan since 87, but as I live in the UK it's difficult to figure who are the decent beat writers to follow on the internet and twitter. I was following Manish Mehta, but the hate coming from him in the last few weeks has been depressing, and even during the game yesterday he was enjoying every Jets failure.

    Is there a writer out there I can follow who isn't full of hopeless optimism (like me) but not full of hate and bile for the current regime and seems to want them to fail? Am looking for reports I can read that are considered and fair. Maybe I am asking too much of the NY media

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    @DarrylSlater and @cnimbley

    No bs. Just reports.

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    Don't read Mehta. He doesn't even know what kind of ball they use in the NFL.

    Read Jenny Vrentas' twitter if she's covering. Avoid Cimini and Mehta like the plague.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    @DarrylSlater and @cnimbley

    No bs. Just reports.
    in addition to those two, i recommend Dennis Waszak @DWAZ73 and Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN).

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    Yes, Waszak and LoPresti are solid. LoPresti offers more opinion than I normally want, though.

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    I'd keep tuned here at JI and reports published here from Evan, Ashley and the rest of our guys (and gals) on the scene

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    Michael Fensom with the Star Ledger is pretty good too.

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    Thanks guys. I already knew to avoid Cimini from reading on here, but Mehta seemed OK. But now he seems to want the Jets to lose, and his schedule breakdown was an absolute joke, so I really appreciate the ideas on who to follow.

    All added to my twitter feeds and rss.

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    I mean this sincerely: Rich Cimini is a lot better than he was. I think he gives a very even-keeled perspective, and there's always a lot of output, generally 3-4 articles a day. I swear I'm not kidding, I think Cimini is really good now.

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