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Thread: 63% completion percentage

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    Sanchez doesn't need surgery, he has a labral tear that you would probably find in 50% of all quarterbacks in the league right now but they just don't know it because they haven't had their shoulder MRI'd. You can have lots of injuries and not even know it, discs being one of them. I think his plan to throw the kid into the fire backfired on him last week. Sanchez won't have that surgery because he doesn't need it.

    None of this matters though because he'll never start another game for the New York Jets anyway... Still, think of all the really great impact players we could have had if MT hadn't handed this player like $65 million dollars over the last 5 years.
    QBs don't run around playing with torn larbrum's that need surgery, you're just making sh1t up because you hate Sanchez.
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    i love Geno but if not for a late hit on Tampa he's getting killed on here.

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    63% completion percentage

    Quote Originally Posted by LadainianIMnotDONE View Post
    i love Geno but if not for a late hit on Tampa he's getting killed on here.
    I don't think he'd be getting killed, no reason for that. I do think people wouldn't be brushing off another blown late game lead by Rex's D so lightly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SONNY WERBLIN View Post
    Disagree. Geno had no running game, while the Jets racked up 190 yards vs the Texans.
    And Geno had MM as OC , Sanchez had Shotty

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRONX JET View Post
    Yes, and chances are Geno won't come close to doing what Mark did his first 2 years. Making the playoffs and then winning road games is unheard of for a rookie in this league. But I am hoping he can do better
    Yes, Geno would probably have a very tough time handing the ball off behind the #1 Ranked O-line who opened holes for the #1 Ranked rushing attack and then letting the #1 Ranked Defense shut everyone down. He also would have a tough time almost NEVER putting up a TD in the 1st Half of ANY game, because that is tough to do for anyone called an NFL QB.

    Geno would also have a very tough time passing for less than 200 yards in 75% of the fantastic play-off wins that only Mark Sanchez could have brought us.

    Ahhhh....just thankful I don't have to watch that little guy, panicked, scurrying around the pocket way too long because he can't read a Defense when the ball should have left his hand eons ago, locking onto his first read, double and triple pumping (while still locked onto the receiver he is about to throw the ball to, who everyone knows he is throwing the ball to).

    Don't have to watch 8 in the Box anymore because Geno's arm DEMANDS respect.

    There is No way Geno "can come close to what Mark did in his first 2 years", for that he'd have to be one of the worst QB's in the NFL, and the fact that Kurt Warner just said he is "very impressed by Geno Smith" pretty much throws being close to the bottom of the barrel out the window.

    I wanted Mark Sanchez to be great, I rooted for it, it was never to be. I wish him well in his next endeavor, which will most likely not be in the NFL...hurt or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Lol @ the playoffs argument.

    You're right; Geno doesn't have an amazing team built up around him to ride into the playoffs.
    Thank you for acknowledging that the talent over the last two years was not as good as the first two years.


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