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Thread: Injuries to Richardson and Wilkerson

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    He was walking without a limp and they have 9 days before the next's amazing how so many are just assuming the worse...the game was played on Thursday...if it was that serious I am sure we would already know.
    Of course it was not serious. There was no injury to begin with.

    You don't go from potential high ankle sprain, unable to walk, and then walk around without a limp within 5 days. LOL.

    Good. He's a beast and we need all the help we can get.

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    @CLoprestiWFANNot only did Wilkerson say he's fine...saw him walk the locker room with no limp and no wrap/support on his right ankle. #NYJ


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    It just didn't look good on Thursday, and of course the announcers really had nothing to say about it, as if they don't know who Wilkerson is. Then you have the new lock down on information which I wholeheartedly agree with btw. Thank you Mr. Idzik. We had no knowledge of Wilk's health, or Coples return...and neither did the Bills.

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