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Thread: Goldson suspension overturned, will play vs. Pats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    Probably not helmet to helmet, but he's a really good safety, and the perfect player to have against the Pats. Without him they would have been dinking and dunking all day. Now they're going to pay for every 5 yards they get.
    And you better damn well believe those Pasts* young hack Receivers are gonna be thinking about that guy on the field!
    I hope Tampax just shreds them

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    Maybe Pats play a certain TE to Gronk Dashon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    That's where it ultimately ends up, but does that equate to a charitable gift on the part of the offender? I honestly have no idea. The league assesses the fine, the player pays it and then the league decides where it goes. The league, if it so chooses, could decide to put all the fine money into.....plastics. Right?
    I did some digging and found the original article I read on the subject

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    Maybe Pats play a certain TE to Gronk Dashon.

    Next time that roid rager gets a ball in his hands he's a helmet to the arm away from another surgery. Glassroidkowski is a non-factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Goodell worked for the Jets, of course he's going to be biased.
    The NFL League office is in New York City. The janitor at the building is on Woody's payroll. He destroyed the video evidence of Goldson's illegal hits....obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    When you consider taxes, the 100k fine is pretty substantial. I assume the fine is taken out post tax and not pre tax.
    It's a lot weirder than that. Fines are tax deductible as ordinary business expenses:


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