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Thread: How do we beat Tennessee Titans?

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    “Every good defense we can play early in the season we’re playing,’’ offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said after practice Thursday. Add the teams they’ve played so far, Houston (second overall) and Pittsburgh (fifth) to that list, but not last week’s opponent, San Diego (31st). “And this week is the best one we’ve seen so far. The Jets are really doing a great job of rotating a lot of good players and they’re all making plays.”
    I don't know but I'm looking forward to our defense making Locker look like a pretender just like they did to EJ Manuel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titanbuoy View Post
    You don't /end thread

    To me, they're two similar teams. Turnovers will likely decide the game. If the Jets are +2 in turnovers, I can't see the Titans winning (and the opposite is true).

    edit: I hate the new smilies. In fact your board in general gives me the agita
    I got this from the Titans web site:

    Locker¬ has his faults. ¬ He’s inconsistent facing pressure. ¬ His footwork can get sloppy, causing him to sail passes over receivers or one-hop them into the ground. ¬ Although his receivers don’t always help him, Jake also struggles with accuracy at times. ¬ That’s a lot of flaws considering that an NFL quarterback needs to be able to face pressure, be consistently accurate, and have great footwork.

    But there are two things Jake has that rivals most NFL quarterbacks: a strong work ethic and high emotional IQ.

    I would say those are the two most important characteristics a quarterback has to have. ¬ It just so happens that those are the two things that Vince Young struggled with the most.

    Locker had a 96% passing rating against the Chargers; I think our biggest chance is to pressure him into mistakes.

    Good luck . May the better team win.


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