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Thread: Here's my take on the government shutdown...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    I just retrieved a call from my bosses boss saying that the furloughs have been lifted. Does anyone know what the particulars of the deal are? Who caved more?
    Do you work for the DOD?

    In Surprise Announcement, Hagel Recalls Most Defense Department Workers

    Mr. Hagel said “most DoD civilians” would be exempted from the furloughs and would return to work this week because Pentagon and Justice Department lawyers interpreted a stopgap budget measure signed into law last week by President Obama, which guaranteed pay for service members, to also apply to a larger number of civilian workers.

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    For what it's worth, today (7th) was the first day traffic in this area felt close to being a "Government Off" day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jungle Shift Jet View Post
    Tell it Vincenzo! The purple lipped rat eared dog eater's preventing Vietnam Vets from visiting a monument is justified!
    Yay let's shut down the gov't because we don't like Obamacare and then blame it on Obama. Too bad this type of scandal-manufacturing garbage pulled by clownservatives failed miserably the last 5 years resulting in Obuttocks winning not 1, but 2 presidential elections and passing badly needed healthcare reform and ending the retarded war in Iraq. Keep trying to manufacture scandals and pretending to care about veterans while shutting down the VA because a right-wing Supreme Court didn't agree with far-right Tea Party ideology.

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    As predicted, the shutdown lasted a couple of weeks, all of the furloughed gov't employees got a two week paid vacation, and the gov't even rolled a pay raise into the bill that sent the workers back to "work."

    How bleepin predictable.


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